Two Letters Re: A Decade of Prepping, Do’s and Do Not’s, by R.R.


This was an excellent piece, the kind of concise and practical advice your deep woods grandfather would give. The statement “The ground will be littered with unfired rifles” is a prediction my team has made as well. The powerful lure of “bling” guns has to be the greatest detriment to prepping that I routinely encounter.

DD in CO

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I agree with almost everything he said, until I got to the hand-to-hand fighting section.

I always look upon things with skepticism, especially if they cost thousands of dollars and claim to do fantastic things. So I did some research. First of all, a person tends to lose credibility when they say that anyone who has something negative to say about something is ignorant, especially when someone says there is “a lot” of it out there and that it all spawns from ignorance. The SCARS website has many bold claims that just cannot be backed up and that don’t make much sense when you look at the whole picture. It smacks of slick marketing rather than truth.

My personal recommendation is to research and try out new things. Nothing is the “best”. Listen to people that have been there and done it and constantly ask yourself if it’s realistic for you. Try to understand your limitations and the changes in your body as you age. What works for you at twenty may not work at sixty. There is no system that can teach you to be undefeatable in three days. – D.D.