Three Letters Re: The Sovereign Deed Scheme–Can Someone Just Buy Survival?

I enjoyed reading article you recently linked entitled “Is Survival Only for the Rich?” The company’s idea to provide “we’ll save you if you pay us enough” services is nothing new. Private security firms
swooped down to protect the estates of their ultra-rich clients in New Orleans after [Hurricane] Katrina hit. Here is but one article covering that subject.

This being said, I don’t think one should be critical of the very wealthy for making such arrangements. Who wouldn’t want the ability to have Blackwater protect your home as the Golden Horde approached?
Unfortunately, this is not an option for 99.9% of the population. Further, if a [Hurricane] Katrina style disaster hit on a much larger scale, private security firms and such would not be able to fill every wealthy person’s request for assistance. They’d be in the same boat as everyone else. Whether you’re lower, middle, upper, or upper upper class, when SHTF, you’ll be relying on your ingenuity, resourcefulness and equipment. Those that prepare in advance, regardless of income class, will have the clear upper hand. – Ranger Man

I found the link to the article “Is Survival Only for the Rich?” quite interesting. It reminds me of the late 1970s, another period of interest in “survivalism.” Towards the end of that period several commercial schemes sprang up to build survival outposts for sale to the public. By necessity, these projects appealed to the better-off members of our culture. The plan for a huge underground community in the southern Utah desert comes to mind. But I think those projects signaled a top in the survival market. Not long after, the general social mood improved (refer to the socioeconomic aspects of the Elliott Wave model) and most “survivalists” went on to [become] stock brokers and day traders.

When I believe in something fervently, as I do in preparedness, I am always asking myself “what am I overlooking?” This article has me thinking “time to start looking for signs of a top.” I knew the top was “in” in 1982 when a mainstream magazine ran a detailed article entitled “Is the Sky Falling?” talking about all the professionals who had escaped to the Rogue River [Oregon] area.

It’s not that I don’t believe in problems in the future, I just tend not to trust myself when my belief level elevates. – BAC

I was looking at the link you put up for ‘Is Survival Only for The Rich?’ and there was a link to Sovereign Deed company. This is a company that if you pay a fee of $50,000 plus $15,000 a year, will come and get you if the excrement hits the rotating turbine blades.
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I hope you all have a good Christmas and New Year.