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I’d appreciate getting a few more Quotes of the Day. (After more than two years of daily SurvivalBlog posts, my personal quote collection is running dry, although I suppose that I’ll never run out of useful Bible verses.) If any of you have some favorite quotes, please send them to me via e-mail. Thanks!

Four Letters Re: Extended Care of the Chronically Ill in TEOTWAWKI

Mr. Rawles: Every once in a while, at topic comes up that I feel somewhat qualified to comment on. I’ll offer some miscellaneous comments on Dave T’s letter and your thoughts on medicine WTSHTF, as posted on SurvivalBlog. This is not meant to be exhaustive, and of course may not apply to your particular situation. Since I can’t see you, its hard for me to diagnose you or give you specific advice. Disclaimers all ’round. Chronic renal failure: It may be worth learning to do peritoneal dialysis if you may have to help someone deal with this condition in a …

Odds ‘n Sods:

David B. suggested a “must read” article by Charles Hugh Smith: The Unintended Consequences of the Housing Bubble Bursting    o o o Student-Loan Problems Add to Debt Worry    o o o s SF suggested this TED talk: Thomas Barnett: The Pentagon’s new map for war and peace    o o o There is some insightful commentary from Alex Wallenwein posted over at Credit ‘Crunch’ – or Credit Collapse?