Three Letters Re: Mosin Nagent Review


I agree with most of the author’s conclusions regarding the 91/30. It is rugged, dependable, and more than accurate enough for hunting or social purposes. Most will benefit from a thorough cleaning and judicious use of lapping compound on the bearing and camming surfaces of the bolt assembly. (Be careful to completely remove all of the compound and clean and lubricate appropriately following the lapping procedure.) Inspect the barrel crown and recrown if damage is found. The trigger design is simple and straightforward and can be cleaned up in most examples. Pay particular attention that the trigger components do not contact the stock. I am unsure which surplus ammo was tested. Every “spam can” surplus type I have tried yielded tremendous amounts of flash, even in the long-barreled 91/30s. In my M44 carbine, flash was positively huge– 3 feet long and 18 inches in diameter, as estimated by 3 different shooters. I installed a 5-prong flash suppressor from a BAR, and the flash is now virtually nonexistant. I see no reason why a Garand T37 hider would not be equally as effective. Adaptation and installation should be relatively simple. The 91/30 is disdained by many, but it is the “Turkish Mauser” of today, and Turks were retailing for under $50 just a few short years ago. Get a 91/30; you probably won’t be sorry, and you won’t lose your money if you are. – CS

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I have owned and shot both the rifle and the carbine. Give me the rifle any day; it is much easier to shoot and control, and you can also do a bit to improve the trigger. It’s a great low-cost rifle. I enjoyed your article! – AM

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A couple of points about mosins. First, mojo makes a replacement rear sight that is a peep. Its inexpensive, well made, rugged, and really helps accuracy. Second, I have a buddy with the m44 carbine version. He put a scout mount and a red dot on it. It is a really handy little carbine. It’s not pretty, but it can shoot. Third, in addition to being able to supply the unarmed, they are great to cache. For a few hundred dollars you can put up a bolt gun and few hundred rounds of ammo. They are also readily available in classified ads across the country, so they can be found and bought off books to cache. I am not a fan of leaving guns in cars, so if I am traveling somewhere I have to, I bring a mosin. If it gets stolen, I’m out $80! Thanks- LEO Medic