Three Letters Re: Amazon


I really enjoyed Sarah Latimer’s article on using Amazon. Although I use it quite a bit, I still found some of her shopping tips helpful.

Regarding caveats about shopping, the biggest one I have found is the item price is cheap but the shipping cost is outrageous.


Here is a quick example, note the cheapest one doesn’t have free shipping. [Editors note: These prices/shipping do not seem to be from Amazon Prime. Mrs. Latimer strongly urges SurvivalBlog readers to sign up for Prime. If you just order 10 or 12 items a year, it will probably pay for itself.]

Also be aware that the cheapest one may be shipping from your state and you will also have to pay sales tax, making it more expensive. – S.T.

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For purchases like 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, don’t neglect the Industrial & Scientific department. You can often find higher quality and less expensive products there than you can in the Health & Beauty department. I found a good deal on XL 6-mil Nitrile gloves there. – WGU

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Two more tips:

  1. You can use the “saved for later” feature to buy on sale. There are many things I want but they are pricey or I just want a spare. When going to the cart, it will say “items changed price”, so I can then see if something dropped, say from $100 to $80 and buy it then. It can sit for months at retail, then one day go on sale and I snap it up.
  2. The Synchrony Bank Amazon Prime rebate card. 5% back as a statement credit, with no fuss, on everything, not just Prime or Amazon. So if your bill would be $525, it ends up $500. – T.Z.