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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at some more coronavirus news.

How Long Do Coronaviruses Survive on Surfaces?

Reader A.D. sent us this from MedicalNewsToday: Coronaviruses: How long can they survive on surfaces? Here is a key quote:

“The authors show that, depending on the material and the conditions, human coronaviruses can remain infectious from 2 hours to 9 days.

At temperatures of around 4°C or 39.2oF, certain versions of the coronavirus could remain viable for up to 28 days. At temperatures of 30–40°C (86–104°F), coronaviruses tended to persist for a shorter time.

At room temperature, a coronavirus responsible for the common cold (HCoV-229E) persisted significantly longer in 50% humidity than 30% humidity. Overall, the authors conclude:

“Human coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces at room temperature for up to 9 days. At a temperature of 30°C [86°F] or more, the duration of persistence is shorter. Veterinary coronaviruses have been shown to persist even longer for 28 d[ays].”

Patriot Nurse: Avoiding the Coronavirus

Avoiding the Coronavirus.

Chinese is Scrubbing Their Currency

Reader DSV spotted this: Cashless Agenda? China Is Scrubbing Cash Notes To Stop Virus Spreading So Its Paper Money Won’t Kill You

Supply Chain Chaos Unfolds at Major Chinese Ports

Reader C.M. sent this: Supply Chain Chaos Unfolds At Major Chinese Ports As Frozen Meat Containers Pile Up

Ultrasonic Bracelet Jams Device Microphones

Reader DSV suggested this: Ultrasonic bracelet jams the microphones around you

People and Wildlife Benefit from Beavers

Reader C.B. sent us this news, from England: Trial finds benefits to people and wildlife from beavers living wild in English countryside

Attackers Can Impersonate Other Mobile Phone Users

C.B. sent us this: LTE vulnerability: Attackers can impersonate other mobile phone users

Android Has Preinstalled Privacy Hacks

And finally, Peter spotted this: Senior Google engineer reveals privacy bombshell in Android’s preinstalled apps. A pericope:

“Maddie Stone, formally a Senior reverse engineer and tech lead on the Android security team, shockingly revealed a number of examples of how pre-installed apps on Android devices can undermine users privacy and security in her BlackHat USA talk in August 2019. The video of the talk only recently became available to the public in late December 2019.

The apps in question come preloaded on a device when it is purchased and often can’t be removed. Stone reveals a litany of abuses carried out by smartphone manufacturers around the world, discovered following analysis by Google of devices to be distributed by their Android partner. Some of the findings demonstrate the contempt that some manufacturers hold their users privacy and security in.

Almost every manufacturer, including Google, disabled Google Play Protect without warning the user in order to bypass an issue in provisioning devices, a feature in newer versions of Android that is supposed to stop apps behaving maliciously and ultimately protect user privacy and security. Other manufacturers left code on their devices that would allow anyone to execute code remotely – allowing any malicious actor aware of this able to read the contents of your phone without ever needing to physically access to it and without the user knowing. Some manufacturers even modified the Android OS and APIs to allow them to get access to every URL that was accessed on the devices, for unclear purposes, a clear breach of users trust and privacy.”

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    1. In regards to “How Long Do Coronaviruses Survive on Surfaces?” in a section above. and the section about China Scrubbing Their Currency.

      Tunnel Rabbit has a comment with EXTREMELY USEFUL INFORMATION. He wrote it on February 17, 2020. =
      “We will also need a disinfectant of several kind for different situations. Some will be more caustic and unpleasant to use, yet very inexpensive, and some types can be very expensive, yet more tolerable.

      Alcohol 60% solution or stronger, fact acting (seconds).
      Least to most expensive sources are isopropyl (rubbing alcohol), gasoline antifreeze (Heat brand), and 180 proof EverClear (90% alcohol). Lower concentrations might work, but are untested. If there is no other choice, wet and let dry. I would use a convenient and small pocket size spray bottle to spray the face and hair before removing the protective gear. It can also be used to spray gloved hands to reduce the chance of cross contamination with clothing and face. Spray face, then gloved hands and then remove the protection from the face. Personally I would only risk contact if I was force to break my self quarantine.

      10% bleach solution, fast acting (wet and let dry)
      Sources, house hold bleach, calcium hypochlorinate (pool shock, dirt cheap) Suggest a extra strong mix as pool shock comes medium to high concentrations (55 to 75%). Better to be too strong than not strong enough. One level tablespoon per one gallon, and dilute with 9 gallons of water will make a 10%, or stronger bleach solution. One pound makes 320 gallons of 10% + solution. $3.50/lbs.

      Sanifect-128, 1 oz per gallon, makes 32 gallons, slow acting (10 minutes). Pleasant to use, but expensive compared to bleach. Shop around. This one is $86.00 for 32 oz. of concentrate.
      Plus, this comment. =

      “A note about bleach. The chlorine in bleach solutions off gases fairly quick. To guarantee a high enough concentration to kill virus and bacteria reliably, store in a closed container. If used in a 5 gallon bucket as a part of a sick room, use a lid, and replace with fresh solution at least every day. This is another reason to start out with a greater than 10% solution, to ensure that remains strong enough throughout a 24 hour of less period.
      I believe it is best to schedule a change every 12 hours, that way if the solution is not changed on one shift, it will have most likely been changed at least once in a 24 hour period. Although I will attempt to avoid the virus, odds are I’ll probably have to also wear the survival medic hat as well. A combat medic doesn’t necessarily make for a good nurse.” [Tunnel Rabbit]
      And this one:

      “What is the shelf life of bleach stored in plastic bottles?

      – The common assumption is one year because it become weaker, yet if you can use it in it’s weakened state, to wash clothes or clean cutting boards etc, then it can remain useful. Stored in a glass bottle with a rubber stopper, it would last much longer, yet we have no experience with this method and cannot be certain of the concentration after a prolong period of time. For long term storage of ‘bleach’ get Pool Shock, or Calcium Hypochlorate through Amazon or locally. Stored in glass with glass lids with rubber seals, it should last indefinitely. the manufacturer claim 10 years in original packaging. It is also very inexpensive. It can be a bit tricky for some folks to mix up.

      Should I also be transferring isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to glass containers?

      -Anything stored in glass, or if not caustic, metal with an oxygen impermeable, metal, glass, or with rubber or cork seals lids, or stoppers would have a greater shelf life. In general, plastic or polymer lids with slowly allow some gases to escape or be introduced. Alcohol is known to store indefinitely in glass bottles with cork stoppers. I imagine hydrogen peroxide might also store well in the same.

      BTW, another inexpensive source for alcohol is denatured alcohol in the paint department. It is stored in metal cans with metal lids and should store a very long time. Verify the percentage of alcohol, and beware that is has a petroleum product included to denature (ruin).” [From Tunnel Rabbit]

      Good advice from Tunnel Rabbit for inexpensive items and procedures for >some protection from viruses.

    2. I haven’t seen a single molecular biologist buying into any of these “smoking gun” or conspiracy theories. They are they experts on coroaviruses as bioweapons. Francis Boyle is not. He is an expert on bio-weapons LAW. He is a lawyer who helped write the international laws concerning them.

      Here’s an analogy to perhaps understand why molecular biologists are not buying into these stories.

      To get insulin to treat diabetics, they used to go to the butcher, gather up pig pancreases, grind them and extract the insulin. Then some genius molecular biologist figured out you could get bacteria to make insulin for you. They know that the human gene that codes for insulin is not only found on gene number 11, but they know which band it is found on and they know which exact piece of the gene is the one that has the “instructions” on how to make insulin. So these same genius molecular biologists know how to cut that gene out, then splice it into the DNA of the common intestinal bacteria E. coli. Once they do that, those crazy little E. coli reproduce and all their offspring become miniature insulin-producing factories. Those E. coli are now called genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s. If they were killing millions of people or making them sick, then we would call it a bio-weapon. E. coli has 4,639,221 building blocks called base pairs, and they are in a known order, for example, like something you may have memorized once, “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

      If you take that E. coli and hand it off to Mike the molecular biologist, and say, “There is something funky about this little guy!” he’s going to do some analysis on it just the same way thousands of molecular biologists at this moment are analyzing the Covid-19 virus. There are huge public databases containing all kinds of gene maps, DNA sequences, RNA sequences, and they know which organisms they come from. So when Mike runs this particular E. coli through his analysis and figures out the DNA sequence, the first thing he’s going to discover is that it has way more than the normal amount of 4,639,221 building blocks. He’ll also notice that the normal sequence is interrupted and goes like this instead: “Four score and When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary years ago our fathers brought forth…”

      Immediately Mike the molecular biologist knows two things: First, the organism is E. coli and second, somebody has tinkered with the DNA of that E. coli and inserted a piece of DNA into the middle of the normal sequence. The second thing Mike does is now he plugs the sequence from that unknown piece of foreign DNA material into his data base to see what comes up. And he discovers it is the gene that codes for human insulin. He will also get some similarity markers indicating that it is close to the gene that makes pig insulin, and a bunch of others no doubt.

      This is why there aren’t any molecular biologists buying into these bio-weapons theories. They’re all looking under the hood and not seeing anything. They sound plausible to us this time around only because we’re untrained and their published papers are too hard to comprehend.

      Are governments evil and terrible and capable of this sort of stuff? Absolutely. History bears that out all too well. But in the case of the Covid-19 virus, the molecular biology is saying, “In all probability, not this time folks.”

      1. St Funogas,

        I stand corrected. Dr. Francis Boyle is not a scientist of any kind. It was a late night 2am slip up. However, he is fully qualified, and suitably experienced to address this issue in this interview. He provides adequate documentation to support his contentions. See his blurb below.

        My apologies as I also made another mistake. The Interview actually begins at 2 hours, 5 min. instead of 2 hours 12 minutes.

        If you rather skip the interview:

        “Francis Boyle is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.”

        AM, PhD Harvard University
        JD Harvard Law School
        AB University of Chicago

      2. “The biggest breakdown yet of novel coronavirus cases suggests that 80% are mild. Some patients never show symptoms.” Business Insider. 2/20/2020

        “The researchers found that 80.9% of the confirmed cases were mild. Those patients might experience a fever or dry cough but weren’t likely to have difficulty breathing or to develop a severe lung infection. The study also found that infected people could show no symptoms at all — that was the case for 1.2% of the patients.”
        Unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait to see what happens in the USA, for trustworthy information. … All Flu illnesses pose a foreseeable risk to the Old, the Young, and the Sick.

        Buy sufficient ‘just in case’ preparations. … Now days, a good Water Filtration is always good have available or in usage. See SurvivalBlog Advertisers.

  1. The Wuhan Virus (redubbed COVID-19) is very much alive and well. It continues to spread around the globe and the official numbers from China are still dubious, at best. As more information comes out about how this virus operates and the fact that one can be infected while showing no symptoms concern and caution should be observed. As bad as things are they can still become far worse. No virus is static, all mutate. Exactly how this one will mutate is still entirely up in the air. It could become far less problematic and simply fade away. It could could change how it infects and what symptoms it creates but have the same R-0 and mortality rate, a lateral move. It could become far more virulent with a increased death toll. We simply have no idea. The human perception of time is a tricky thing. It seems like this has been going on for a very long time but in reality it has been only a short while so far. Undoubtedly there is more more to come. Do not become deluded into thinking that the situation can’t be too bad as it’s been going on for what seems like forever and “look, nothing.” A wild animal can turn on you in an instant.

    Don’t become complacent. Be wise. Be ready.

    1. And yet outside of China infection rates are very low.

      Here in the USA I live… Repeat…

      I live in a covid19 confirmed area queens New York.

      There not only is very little spread of covid19 there is also very little flu spread.

      We were hit hard by the flue and colds this year but even those rates are falling now.

      Soon according to medical personnel there will be a slight up tick in them again as we are currently going through the last pushes of winter and will be hitting the “cold-warm-cold” days again.

      But as of right now there have been virtually 0 spread of covid19 out side of a few directly linked to visited or came from Wuhan and close under same roof family cases.

      This year’s covid19 is turning into the little virus who can’t.

      Next year maybe. But not this year here at least.

      Medical offices still have more warning sheets for West Nile around than Wuhan (and there ain’t even mosquitoes yet)

      1. Eh, covid-19 may not be the second coming of the Spanish Flu, but that doesn’t mean there won’t ever be a second coming of the Spanish Flu.

        Second point, we probably would have outbreaks here but for the quarantines in place here and overseas.

        I likewise support pragmatism over panic, but I’d say healthy caution is warranted. Wash your hands, get vaccinated, etc.

        1. Vagus the effect of quarintine is exactly why there was such a strong quarantine.

          One of the first arguments for this being Spanish flu 2.0 was the logic “of course it’s a pandemic look at the quarintine why else would they have this impressive quarintine”

          Well looking at the numbers that’s why.

  2. As a number of sites have pointed out, the biggest threat from Covid-19 in this country is not the virus , but the supply chain interruptions that will result from it in China.

    1. Which is true for Chinese perishables… But thier non-perishable goods will be fast to return to market.

      Remember the Chinese government has zero inhibition about using forced labor and relocation of its population.

    2. My husband’s new hearing aid has putzed out. He is waiting on a part to come in from, you guessed it, China.

      The same goes for my putzed out vacuum cleaner. The part is on back order from good ole’ China.

      This virus affects the oddest things besides people getting critically ill.

  3. Watched Patriot Nurse video & It reminded me that on Tuesday I dismantled my entire refrigerator and cleaned and sanitized EVERY square inch including wiping down every item inside.
    Refrigerators are actually gross if you think about it. I imagine most people just toss in their items from grocery shopping without even thinking about wiping the items down first before putting them in there.
    I will now wipe down every item I buy before putting it inside the refrigerator and into the pantry.

    BTW, they just reported that two of the princess cruise passengers have died. (Two elderly passengers)
    And Norwegian Cruise Line has cancelled all cruises to the China area for the foreseeable future.

    I wouldn’t go on a cruise ship if you paid me, especially now

    1. I have often thought about the bacteria that comes in on our groceries. This is a good reminder to sterilize our refrigerators. We should wipe down the containers when we bring them in from the store, as well.

  4. Tractorguy, agree with you 100 percent. We’re to dependent on China. if their economy goes, so does ours. I would like to think maybe we would learn from this but I doubt it.

  5. On the covid19 virus news front….(or any other)

    There is a phenomenon (I can’t remember its name so I will describe) where in if you ask a large sampling of people how many jelly beans are in a mason jar… Or car.. or phone booth, and write down all answers. Then throw out the highest and lowest numbers and average out the answers you will Infact get “scary close” to the exactly right answer.

    This applies to almost any thing. If you sample a large enough pool of people you will find the right answer in it.

    Same process is used in interrogating multiple people both witnesses and suspects.

    So with out a clear and 100% viable source it’s best to employ this method.

    Mainstream media don’t worry stay clean.
    Other reputable media don’t worry things aren’t so bad
    Informal sources things could go bad
    Underground sources you tube Facebook etc…. Wuhan virus is gonna kill the world it’s an escaped bio weapon doom doom doom. …

    Pretty easy to narrow down.

    When nurses faces look like this

    It’s a safe bet that there is real danger but…

    When they are still willing to work and are surviving working around it….

    It tells the story that it’s dangerous but not out of control.

    1. Just like in the US, healthcare providers there are brainwashed into sacrificing their health and safety for the industry. The same thing will happen to them as any average person who gets infected – except their bodies will be so exhausted by their efforts to help that they will end up being warehoused to death like everyone else.
      Living in an area where most of the local population believes that covering their coughs and sneezes is stupid, and that soap-and-water are an effort to infringe on their sovereign rights, they’re going to have to self-save when it gets here because I will be officially and permanently retired and self-isolating.


    “In 2019, a new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infecting Humans has emerged in Wuhan, China. Its genome has been sequenced and the genomic information promptly released. Despite a high similarity with the genome sequence of SARS-CoV and SARS-like CoVs, we identified a peculiar furin-like cleavage site in the Spike protein of the 2019-nCoV, lacking in the other SARS-like CoVs. In this article, we discuss the possible functional consequences of this cleavage site in the viral cycle, pathogenicity and its potential implication in the development of antivirals.”

    “CONFIRMED: CoVid-19 coronavirus found to contain unique “gain-of-function” property “for efficient spreading in the human population” … exact quote from science paper just published in Antiviral Research”

    1. I’m sorry before I tell shenanigans is there some where else I should click on the first link?

      Cuz all it says is that there is a difference between this coronavirus and the SARS varients of the coronavirus.

      The only info saying smoking gun GMO designed to invest humans is added on by the author of the second article. Which is it’s self written in a way that suggests it’s not a fact based credible science source.

      Most scientific papers read like the first one. This is my information these are my findings this is my proof. (For observational findings such as chemical compositions or new chemical bonds)

      The others are in the format of
      Quick overview (generally plain English)
      Stated hypothesis
      Experiments proceedure guidelines followed etc (generally very technical)
      A listing of or display of results (most even go so far as to list common counter arguments and thier own counter counter arguments)
      And are closed off with another semi jargon filled conclusional statement or statement.

      And above all else sources.

      I’m seeing none of that in either link although I could just be missing it.

      1. This is an abstract. If you can afford $36.00 PDF, or already have the necessary login credentials, one can read the rest of it. This is typical. Just click on the Adobe PDF icon in the upper left of the page.

        Research scientists need to make a buck like anyone else. Surviving on grant money, or a lab that rewards and punishes certain veins of research, we should be happy to have their input on this in such short order. It would be better if all researchers could be independent, and conduct pure research and science that could be considered bias free. Most research scientists by way of their very nature, training and professional milieu are cautious, patient, and thorough in their approach, and would not want to jeopardize their standing with their employer either. We are independent and totally unqualified, but then we are not professionals. Heck, I am not sure I have a high school diploma! At the age of 7 this kid was into Botany, and I stated that I want to be a scientist when I grew up. It did not happen, yet I am still a kid at heart. This is fun for me, yet it also comes with responsibilities.

        If one can not afford to the time and money to access it directly, the article linked in the second paragraph ( offers Mike Adam’s interpretation and perspective. He is primarily an engineer/business man, and I suspect, a self taught scientist who is financially independent, and has his own private labs, stable of research scientists, and business connections in Asia to help him assess the situation. He offers a unique and bold perspective that only financial independence affords. Take it or leave, it is a rare independent, and honest view, that offers a provoking ‘big picture’ as well.

        Understandably, it is often difficult for those not accustomed to the vernacular to digest these topics and draw useful conclusions. If one has the sense God gave a goose, being out of the water in this realm is unnecessary. Think for yourself, and apply copious amounts of common sense. I also prefer to plan for worst, pray for the best, and then take action. This kid is peddling as fast as he can.

      2. With all due respect to the parties involved here, I personally doubt the engineered claims. Just going by Occam’s razor, there are much worse viruses available off-the-shelf, as it were. If Covid-19 were a weapon I’d expect an order of magnitude more fatalities.

    2. Mike Adams jumps to all sorts of conclusions the authors themselves don’t come to and they would be supremely miffed if they read Mike’s wild interpretations, to say the least.

      His click bait headline reads: “CONFIRMED: CoVid-19 coronavirus found to contain unique “gain-of-function” property “for efficient spreading in the human population” … exact quote from science paper just published in Antiviral Research”

      It’s an outright lie. Nothing is “confirmed.” What the article says is it “MAY provide a gain-of-function to the 2019-nCoV for efficient spreading in the human population.” And guess what, it’s a no-brainer that all of the 7 known coronaviruses that inflict humans had to mutate so that they could become a new form that was efficiently spread among humans. The next new one will have to do the same and so will the one after that. The 4 that cause the common cold had to do it, SARS and MERS both had to do it. So why does the fact that Covid-19 went through the same process make it a biological weapon? Were the 4 that cause the common cold biological weapons too? Mike Adams would probably think so had they arisen after biotechnology became doable.

      Mike Adams further says: “Further, the science paper finds that there is no known viral ancestry to the CoVid-19 coronavirus, meaning it did not evolve from nature. It was engineered, and the science paper authors also state that the virus contains elements from MERS, stating, “Before the emergence of the 2019-nCoV, this important feature was not observed in the lineage b of betacoronaviruses.”

      The authors of the paper would have a complete meltdown if they read Mike’s interpretation. Mike Adams and Donald Trump share 99.99% genetic similarity, meaning they are very, very, very closely related compared to other organisms. We don’t need to know their exact family tree grandpa by grandpa to figure out that they are of the same species. Same with this Covid-19. Nobody is questioning that it is 89% related to SARS except Mike Adams. You can go online in many places and see the pedigree charts (phylogenetic trees) of the coronaviruses. Just for reference, humans share about 92% of the same DNA as mice. So we are more related to mice than Covid-19 is to SARS. So to say that Mike Adams shares elements with mice (hair, nose, 4 appendages, eyes), but not others (tail, whiskers that stick straight out from his face) is proof that he was bio-engineered, does not hold water. By the same token, the authors are merely pointing out that this Covid-19 shares 89% of the same traits of SARS because they have a common ancestor, but they went on separate evolutionary paths and now have developed some of their own characteristics. They published the article to help other researchers in the “potential implications in the development of antivirals.

      Mike makes many more such incorrect and illogical leaps of faith in his article, but no need to cover them all, I’ve made my point.

  7. To all commentators and readers – I am seeing more dissent in the comments on this page that I have ever seen before.
    It seems to me that this is a function of the fact that folks have had enough time and enough information to form their opinions…. and it’s important to folks that they got their assessment of this situation correct.

    I’m a basic scientist – and I state with absolute confidence:

    Is this clearly a bioweapon with clear genetic markers of such: NO
    COULD this be leaked from a research lab by accident, or intentionally? YES.
    COULD a sophisticated lab make a bioweapon with NO readily discernible genetic markers – YES — meaning that even if it was a bioweapon – if developed by a sophisticated lab, could have no definitive way to trace it as being man-made.
    Reply here if you would like a further explanation of any of these points.

    We ARE A COMMUNITY – please respect each other’s opinions and learn from them.
    Remember that only God knows how this potential pandemic will actually turn out.
    Remember that preparing by pushing forward purchases that you would otherwise make anyway of shelf-stable goods has next-to-no downside.

    If you are looking for a mask, please consider a 3M 6800 or clone. Ebay has many clones and some are of very good construction.
    Purchase p100 filters to go with this mask. If you have trouble finding them please reply here and I will help.
    Be SURE that “item location” is set to the USA only – as I would not count on these coming from overseas.
    Again, if you need help, reply here.

    For those who have a few hundred dollars to spend on an oxygen generator, this can be useful for breathing support at home – if in the worst case, as we see in Wuhan, the hospitals are overrun. Be attentive to the “flow rate” of these oxygen generators, and look for something that can at least make 80% oxygen at a 3 liter per min rate (pulsed) is fine.

    Reply here if you need help finding one.
    The medical device grade ones require a prescription.
    Some of the ones on Amazon are not too good…. they have very low production rates. But, still, better than nothing. Be sure you have the nasal cannula and tubing to go with them.

    Remember – prepare with prayer, get right with God, pray pray pray for guidance from the Lord. LISTEN for the voice of the Holy Spirit.

    Please be kind to everyone on this forum.

    And yes – to the poster who referenced the excellent videos on Peak Prosperity –
    The author of those videos is doing a good job- and JWR did an interview with him many years ago. It’s on youtube if you care to watch:

    1. Yes please elaborate and show some sources. Not being said in anything other than a flat voice.

      One of the big problems is that there other than a few people is not enough plain English being spoken.

      And the only ones who are doing so with any credibility are hyping false or unproven theories.

      Meanwhile people are buying masks they don’t need and reducing the supply for those who need. And spending money they should be redirecting towards keeping ready for the real emergencies.

    2. Also again I posted before exact links MSA makes a full and half face mask that is rated to block eye (for full face) and mouth and nose infection. It has long lasting cartridges. If you are a healthy capable adult you should get them not the other kind. The older folks and health compromised can’t use them they need the others (disposable paper ones)

      If this thing is or gets that bad.

      Rushing out to get the hardware store masks in bulk (and they are a bulk purchase) is I’m my eyes as shameful as knocking down an old lady on black Friday.

    3. It is actually not important to myself whether it is man made, or not. How it actually behaves is most relevant. There is however early reports, even a prestigious institution in India, that finds what they believe are genetic markers, and specific inserts. Many countries have bio-weapons labs. Would it be a surprise that some day that a pandemic would occur? Of course not.

      I would not defend any particular view, and strive, and have provided a balanced diet of all available views I could find. Unfortunately there is no hard science, only opinion. At best, all we have are educated guesses. Medical opinion is not scientific fact, and many respectable persons in medicine, and other fields have changed their minds about the severity of the threat, as they were mislead by authoritative sources that proved to be incorrect. So far we have provided much better information than authoritative sources have provided. This is why I think for myself, and encourage others to do the same. I will not endorse or defend any particular source as they represent themselves. And a single source promotes a myopic view, and new information may arise from other sources at anytime, as many different source and perspectives should be considered at time permits.
      While I am satisfied with my own conclusions at the moment, I will continue to look for new information and will quickly change my opinion based upon new evidence.
      Readers can decide what they believe. I am not here to convince anyone of anything. The scant and unsubstantiated evidence, and opinion of many sources speaks for itself, and the readership is from all walks of life.

      And what I actually believe is not important. I do this as service for the broader community that is even outside this blog, and hope to promote collaboration far and wide. I do this instead doing other important things, like finding ways to make money as there is no check in the mail for me. Or advancing my education in other very important areas such as tactics, and survival medicine. In fact, I just got back from fixing my old truck. I’ll try to fix anything, and will eventually figure it out.

      I may also need to fire up my homemade nano silver machine, and prepare a quantity for a nubulizer in case someone gets sick with this stuff, or subsequent opportunistic lower respiratory tract infections. Understanding how to combat this virus at home might prove to be very useful, and is more important than what this bug is. My homemade nano silver machine only costs me 7 dollars to make, while a commercial machine does it no better, just faster, and it might now cost about $1,000.00 today. Both will attain the same ppm. Higher DC voltage, and plate size reduces production time. In fact I sent a photo to the patent holder, and commercial supplier of such a machine just for the fun of it. He was surprised by the contraption. It is stupid simple to make. if one can afford a high quality nano silver making machine, and nublizer, go for it. I think we are going to have to use these things, and it could be profitable as well.

      Colloidal silver could be useful as well as a prevention if swabbed in the nose, and is very easy to produce. However, particle size not small enough to become an aerosol in a nubulizer that can get a mist deep into the lungs. Consuming nano, or colloidal silver is not useful, as the acid in the stomach converts the silver particle in to something else, and renders it ineffective. Although some of it might be absorbed into the blood via the lungs, the quantity is insignificant, and salts in the blood denature it. Nano and colloidal silver is best as a topical antiseptic, and might be helpful in combating a virus in the lungs. I do not know that for a fact. It may also reduce the odds that a secondary, or ‘opportunistic’ bacterial infections might be successful. BTW, MRSA is now resistant to most generations of the usually prescribed antibiotics, yet Doxycycline reportedly is still effective. Get some. If you can only afford one antibiotic at this time, grab some Azithromycin ($32.oo for 12, or 2 courses), or as a substitute if the the Azithromycin is sold out, the precursor, erythromycin. It works. Then dig deeper for some Doxycycline. I’d go first for Dr. Alton’s top 5 antibiotics if you can and double up on the Azithro and Doxycycline. His book on antibiotics is an easy read. Also pick up reference materials, particularaly a new or used PDR (Physicians Desk Reference), and a Merck manual on that goes beyond Dr. Alton’s excellent book. Check Ebay for used, and Amazon. I paid .75 cents for each at an in- the- boonies-thirft store.

      Whatever supply of antibiotics that are available in this country, or in the home, might rapidly be consumed given the number that are likely to be severely stricken.
      I ain’t no expert on nuth’n, but I will use first Azithromycin early on myself in anticipation to prevent a bacterial infection, as I might be at high risk, and there will likely not be a hospital bed, or an available ventilator, and certainly not a spare heart and lung machine for me, or anyone else. Having a combination of tools mentioned, including an oxygen concentrator, an oxygen/pulse meter, and tank of oxygen if we can get that, might be all we need. We’ll be on our own at home, and might provide better, and safer care than could be had in an over crowded, and disease fulled hospital. That is if we could get into the door.

      Even with strict self isolation, odds are high that we will eventually be infected by
      a strain of this virus, even well after the pandemic is over. With self isolation we might delay a second, and more threatening reinfection that causes a sudden and severe cytokine storm. It might be possible to delay this second infection, until the pandemic is over, and when the virus may have mutated into a less virulent form, or until our bodies may have reset it’s immune system, and is no longer as likely to create a massive cytokine storm in response. We simply do not know. And what treatments will be developed by modern medicine as it learns how to combat this bug is also unknown. They are already having success with using blood plasma of recovered patients to treat others. There is hope. And because we now know enough about the threat, we should already be springing into action, rather than just ‘talk’n bout’it.’ Panic buying is beginning to set in, and the supply is thin.

      Anyone now showing up to read the blog, should review that last few weeks to pick up some of the insights that will likely not be shared in the future.

  8. Tom, I agree with you. We are all here on this particular site to inform and help each other without getting salty with one another

    Let’s all take a breath and respect each other

    I believe that JWR started letting us all comment on here as long as we all showed respect for one another
    Take care

  9. GGHD
    I am a bit puzzled with your math in bleach solution, 10% solution in a gallon of water(128 oz) would mean 12.8 oz of pure sodium hypochlorite, since pool shock doesn’t come that way one would have to add a one pound packet of pool shock to a gallon of water to get close to a 10% solution bleach solution.

    1. Camper, = GGHD was just reproducing Tunnel Rabbits comments from an earlier date, for the necessity of having a good disinfectant available.

      This seems to be what you are commenting about in Tunnel Rabbit’s comment. =
      “One level tablespoon per one gallon, and dilute with 9 gallons of water will make a 10%, or stronger bleach solution. One pound makes 320 gallons of 10% + solution. $3.50/lbs.”

    2. Camper,

      I’m sorry I do not have the time to run through the math, but only have to time warn any one who might be inclined, please do not pour one pound of pool shock into one gallon of water. It might explode, and put out deadly chlorine gas. At the very least, my recommendation, even if incorrect, will do no harm. Rule of thumb, if it is not easy to smell to the bleach in a solution, it is not strong enough to quickly disinfect. Also before the solution becomes dirty with use, change it for fresh. You may prefer to use house hold beach as well, as it a known solution that we hope to duplicate with pool shock.

      Another tip. If using pool shock, to reduce the volume, use a level teaspoon of pool shock in a half gallon of water, and add only 4.5 gallons of water that would in total, fill a 6 gallon bucket.

      1. This report from the New York Post, February 20, 2020. =
        “Coronavirus-infected Americans flown back to US on plane full of healthy people.”

        “The 14 coronavirus-stricken Americans evacuated from a cruise ship in Japan were flown back to the US on a plane full of healthy people against advice from the CDC, a report said Thursday.

        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials argued the 14 infected Diamond Princess passengers shouldn’t be flown back with the about 300 virus-free people — but ultimately lost the battle to the US State Department, according to The Washington Post.

        “It was like the worst nightmare,” an anonymous senior U.S. official involved in the decision told the paper.

        “Quite frankly, the alternative could have been pulling grandma out in the pouring rain, and that would have been bad, too.”

        Test results had found that the 14 passengers were infected prior to boarding planes to the US on Monday.

        “Nobody anticipated getting these results,” said another U.S. official.

        The State Department had vowed that no one with the infection would be allowed on — but then urged health officials to let the sick, yet symptom-free, passengers board, the paper reported.

        The CDC worried about infection control aboard the planes. Principal deputy director Anne Schuchat wrote to the State Dept. that the stricken passengers would pose “an increased risk to the other passengers,” according to the report.

        But officials with the Department of Health and Human Services and the coronavirus task force pushed back, arguing that they had been prepared to handle passengers who might develop symptoms on the flights.

        The two Boeing 747s had 18 seats cordoned-off with 10-foot-high plastic on all sides and infectious disease doctors would be on board.

        William Walters, director of operational medicine for the State Department, said the 14 people were already in the evacuation pipeline and protocol dictated they should be brought home, according to the report.

        The State Dept. revealed that the 14 evacuees had tested positive for the virus about an hour before the planes landed in California and Texas.

        Other passengers were enraged that they hadn’t been told about the risk.

        “We were upset that people were knowingly put on the plane who were positive,” said Vana Mendizabal, 69, a retired nurse who took the cruise with her husband Mario.

        “I think those people should not have been allowed on the plane,” she added. “We feel we were re-exposed. We were very upset about that.”

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