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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Wait till you read Mike Williamson’s suppressor safety story today!

Hard Left

Once again we find the questionable organization “Crowds on Demand” paying participants in violent demonstrations. The Los Angeles company ran a Craig’s List ad asking for participants for rallies and protests in the Charlotte, North Carolina area a week before the violent counter protest that occurred. Pay was variable but is listed as typically $25+/hour. They were asking for participants and photographers. Of course, the company denies any involvement in the protests.

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Reader H.L sent in this article outlining plans that some hard left groups are making for November 4th. Apparently, the goal is to replicate the “Days of Rage” campaign from 1971 and bring about enough anarchy that a change in government is forced. It is readily apparent that this isn’t about some confederate statues; it’s also about bringing down anything that the hard left disagrees with.

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By the way, the mainstream media is lying to you again. (duh!) The Charlottesville conflict was not “alt-right” vs “alt-left”. The so-called “alt-right” encompassed groups like Nazi sympathizers, otherwise known as Nationalist Socialists. Last time I checked, that was still considered a far-left movement. The antifa and BLM movements are basically communist, which is also far-left. This conflict has nothing to do with the conservative right leaning people. It is clearly a left-on-left conflict, and the only point of associating any of it with the “right” is merely distraction and misdirection.

Traditional Skills

The Art of Manliness published an article on “How to instinctively shoot a bow and arrow.” Don’t be fooled by the title of the website either. While they publish mainly interest items for men, this is a skill that is excellent for women or men. Instinctive shooting is shooting without the fancy sights. The goal is to shoot an arrow just like you would throw a baseball without careful measurements or complicated sighting mechanisms. The concepts are easy, but it does take practice and it is a perishable skill, so you have to practice.

Accidental Survivor

A woman survived for a whole month in the wilderness by eating berries and mushrooms. She did lose 50 lbs from the ordeal though. The story is actually interesting because the woman was apparently in the company of two men who committed a robbery. Not wanting to be part of the robbery, she ran and became lost. She had no shoes, no bag, and only the clothing on her back.

Second Amendment

Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large sent this story in:

I recently took “screwing up” with a firearm to a new level.

I hope someone reads this and is prevented from making the same really amateurish mistake I made.

Friend calls me excitedly a couple of weeks ago to notify me that his 2 sound suppressors came in. I told him I was grabbing my threaded 9mm and my threaded 22 and heading over.

We shot a couple of his rifles through these things and were giggling at what a great job they did dampening the noise. 300BLK AR he built from scratch, and an HKMP5 pistol in 22.

I asked if I could also screw one on my 22 pistol and he said sure. I did and it was more fun. The mosquitoes were coming out but we were having so much fun hitting steel we didn’t care.

And here comes the royal screw up.

My royal screw up.

I didn’t realize one of them was only for 22 caliber ammunition. I didn’t ask. He didn’t tell. We were also caught up in the moment.

Like an idiot, without reading the side of this device which stated 22 caliber only, I screwed it on to my 9mm and pulled the trigger. He was watching. The can impressed us by how quiet it was. We were literally giggling.

Neither of us realized I had just obliterated the baffles and been lucky enough not to have it explode in my face, damage my hand and arm, etc.

Only the fact that the little Sig P938 I had it screwed onto did not cycle because it fit too tightly kept me from shooting it again.

As I  loosened it to cycle the handgun, I heard chunks of baffle and bullet fragments rattling around inside of the thing. I stopped, knowing something was clearly wrong.

Then he looked at me and asked, “what caliber did you say that handgun is?”

Did I mention that it was brand new and this was the original test fire of his first two sound suppressors ever?

Did I mention that he had waited for an entire year to be federally approved to take possession of these devices?

You talk about feeling like a first rate idiot. That was me. First rate, world class imbecile.

When I’m wrong, I lean toward apologizing and making amends. (Except to communists. They are for ridicule. And their feelings never matter in any way.) But after apologizing 17 times and trying to hand him a wad of cash and begging forgiveness, nothing gave me peace about doing this incredibly stupid thing.

All I have been able to do is wait for it to come back from the manufacturer to find out how much money I was going to owe him and how long it would take before I would let myself off the hook.

He finally just contacted me. SilencerCo is the manufacturer.

They did not charge one penny to disassemble it, replace the baffles, clean it, put it back together, certify its safety and function and ship it back.

Shockingly, the tube itself was not damaged in any way, in spite of the pressures and forces involved.

And they did it for nothing.

My friend said the reason they did it without charging is stated on their website:

We warranty stupidity for free once.


  1. Regarding the crowds on demand, and Charlotte riots, I have a friend who is LEO and he was assigned to Charlotte riots and told me they were arresting people with out of state drivers licenses.

    I knew folks were bused in, but I was unaware of the”crowds on demand” ads on the internet.

    Thank you for the great article, and all that y’all do!

  2. Regarding the recruitment of left wing agitators for pay. I assume the people or groups doing this are wealthy globalists. Why haven’t we had anyone that live in cities wrecked by paid for agitators or hurt by them physically sue these globalists in a class action suit for damages? Soros has more money than God. The USA has more lawyers than Yellowstone park has trees. What are they waiting for?

    1. Soros has more money than God. The USA has more lawyers than Yellowstone park has trees. What are they waiting for?

      Simple, the government is not opposed to what Soros is doing. In fact, the Republicans and Democrats working together, are very much in favor of what this Nazi youth is doing.

      Remember always, the Republicans and Democrats, working together, have caused every problem that exists in this country today. Think of a problem, put the phrase “Republicans and Democrats, working together, have caused…” in front of that problem and you can see how well it all fits together.

      Scumbag politicians.

  3. We keep allowing the Left to control the narrative and the meaning of words. This short 10 minute video explains the forms of government and then exposes the medias bias in their so called “reporting” of the Charolttesville WWE performance act:

    So different parts of the democrat party have a fight and it is the republicans fault, as usual.

    democrats = American socialists
    Nazi = German socialists
    Communists = Russian socialists
    Fascists = Italian socialists
    KKK = white democrat election muscle, famously led by Sen Robert Byrd (D)
    Black lives Matter = black democrat election muscle
    Antifa = college age socialists who don’t know that fascists are also socialists

    Now had any of these Left organizations attacked a TEA party event then it would be Left vs Right, instead this is like the old wrestling TV shows putting on a show for their own entertainment.

  4. I preface everything I am going to say with “In My Opinion”. I have no proof other than observation of the last few years. Obviously I could easily be wrong.

    I believe the Charlottesville riot was at least partially staged with the cooperation of political leaders of Charlottesville. Same with Berkley. Same with Portland and other places. Note that Charlottesville voted approximately 80% for Hillary.

    The police in Charlottesville appeared to have specifically funneled the AntiFa group into the White Nationalists and then made only moderate attempts to break up the fight.

    Put aside for a moment that Nazis really are leftists. They are painted as being on the right in public discussion and are then used to bludgeon the conservative right. Funneling the white nationalists into the leftists was a win-win situation for the left. If the white nationalists get beat up, it is a win to the left as it stokes their confidence and shows their power. If the white nationalists beat up the leftist, it shows what vicious thugs the “right” is.

    The leftists got a bonus in Charlottesville. They got a martyr. While horrible for the individual and the family and for civil society at large, not much better could have come out of it from the left’s perspective. Never mind that the perpetrator was a mentally unstable white nationalist “leftist” in reality. Now we have a base to paint the whole right as homicidal maniacs. And continue the attempted coup going on with our current President.
    And call for more gun control/disarming of the masses. And all the other objectives of the left.

    Do I think they orchestrated the entire event from start to finish? Probably not, although I am not 100% sure of that. Do I think they saw a relatively predictable event/opportunity and then sprang into action with a pre-planned play book. IMO yes.

    And I would also say that I believe this play book is nation wide and (I will use the word) this conspiracy is at the very least loosely national and global. I do not believe most of this is spontaneous or organic although it takes advantage of some legitimate organic issues and aggravates these issues. And I believe it is globally financed and not just by Soros but by many others we may or may not know of.

    And I predict, absent some type of major event that resets this situation, that we will see more of this. The left will attempt to create violence in our streets with the conscious assistance and direction of many of our Big City politicians. And the media will distort it to the left’s advantage.

    Where have we seen this before? Nazi Germany, 1930s. Probably Russia, 1910s. That is where we are IMO.

    1. Kudos to JBH! “And I believe it is globally financed and not just by Soros but by many others we may or may not know of.”

      IM0 you are on target with the above comment. Even though Soros is a very powerful and wealthy scumbag, I in no way believe that he alone could do all of this without the cooperation of others. Certainly many globalists are colluding with him in an effort to achieve their goals. And the globalists have been at it for quite a long time.

      Power=money and money=power
      And as we all know, the love of money is the root of all evil.

  5. @ender
    Thank you. I had seen that video before, but it is worth watching again, and again!
    We seem to be at about the 9 minute mark of the video. Hopefully we can stop there and go back to being the Constitutional Republic we are supposed to be.

  6. In 2007, the median net worth of black households was $19,200. (median = 50% above, 50% below).

    By 2013, after the Great Bailout of the Democratic-controlled Congresses of 2007-2010 –and after 5 years of the Democrat’s First Black President– black median net worth had collapsed to only $11,000.

    Meanwhile, Democrat billionaires hauled money out of the US Treasury in wheelbarrows.

    Hence why the Democratic leadership is so desperate to create a fake enemy — so that black voters will be distracted away from seeing who has really stabbed them in the back.

    In my opinion, the Washington Post, NY Times, and 5 TV networks are a pack of liars — and their biggest lie is that they try to inform the voters. Seen any of the talking heads discussing the above?

    Ever wonder WHY the blow-dried morons who claim to report the news are multi-millionaires?

  7. All the Left has now is the Nov 4 temper tantrum plan. Since Obama and the Left went full steam ahead on the transformation of America (the 100 year slow baby steps was working but they thought it was time to speed it up), the democrats have lost 4000 elections at every level of government, city, state and fed. They have never been weaker and they went all in for Hillary to continue the socialist charge. If not for the cowardly republicans rolling over for a belly rub at every turn this would be obvious to everyone in America. So the mission is to distract and destroy.

    Using the media, as we have come to expect and accept, to lie and advance the false narrative that Trump is a fascist and is failing to discourage his supporters and embolden his haters to action. They desperately need Trump to fail if they expect to win any future elections. Even if he doesn’t fail the media will report that he has just to keep the distractions going from all sides.

    The republicans lied for the last 7 years to win elections, not expecting to actually win it all and have to come thru with their promises and they are exposing themselves everyday thinking they are untouchable. They haven’t been paying attention to the people that actually voted for them and keep trying to please people who would and never will vote for them. It’s going to get messy in the coming elections.

  8. “as Nationalist Socialists. Last time I checked, that was still considered a far-left movement”

    No actual national socialists showed up at the rally because the organizer Kessler was jewish.

    Everyone on the right knows that WHITE LIVES MATTER triggers the left more than swastikas, because you wont catch on video jewish lesbians spray painting it on their house before burning it down for insurance money.

    See the 16 points of the alt-right at

    15.The Alt Right does not believe in the general supremacy of any race, nation, people, or sub-species. Every race, nation, people, and human sub-species has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and possesses the sovereign right to dwell unmolested in the native culture it prefers.

  9. According to Wikipedia Nazi’s were far right wingers. Of course Wikipedia has it wrong, again. Too many of their writers are on the political left.

    As an aside, 2 points:
    1. Breitbart is reporting that even the police on the scene are saying that the Kid in the Challenger was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Got scared when the crowd surrounded his car and started beating on it with baseball bats. Panicked and hit the gas. It seems there is a lot more to this part of the story.

    2. Has anyone considered that George Soros may have been funding both sides? In chaos there is opportunity. This treasonous SOB loves chaos. Need to get special forces to take him and his son out and then close his foundations and businesses.

  10. Time to stock up on colibri .22 ammunition.
    No powder, fires off the primer in the rim, sub sonic, very quiet, not necessarily lethal, but the ones you hit, will know they’ve been hit.
    Will be great for future Charlottesvilles.

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