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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. President Trump’s immigration policies get yet another boost due to yet another NYC bomber yesterday.

Another NYC Bomber

Chain migration led to yet another person entering the U.S. who has acted upon wishes of harm. The suicide bomber accidentally set off his device at the wrong moment at the nation’s busiest bus terminal. He had strapped the device inside his pants with Velcro and zip ties, but it went off in a subway corridor and didn’t kill anyone, including the bomber. In typical lame stream media fashion, most reported that despite the bomber claiming ISIS as inspiration (some mention that ISIS claims him), “Details on possible motive were unclear”.

The bombing happened just before 7:30AM and was covered as breaking news by Fox, but CNN and MSNBC, who often claim Fox ignores breaking news that might harm the president, chose instead to cover President Trumps Diet Coke habit instead of the bombing until nearly 9am. Even though the bomber failed to complete his intended mission, he won’t be having children anytime soon due to the location on his body that he carried the bomb.

Second Amendment

Reader G.P. shared this news story that the BATF will be taking another look at “bump stocks”. Congress lost the impetus it started with in it’s quest to ban them and despite having ruled that they only assist in shooting technique rather than modify the firearm, they now want to classify them as a full-auto modification. I’m wondering if you will now have to pay a $200 tax and file paperwork with the BATF if you have opposable thumbs and wear pants with belt loops. The article also continues the short sighted view of the shooting. It was not the “worst mass shooting spree in US history”. I believe the “Wounded Knee Massacre” holds that distinction. It’s worth noting that that one was perpetrated by the U.S. government over Second Amendment issues.

FSA Preps

A SurvivalBlog reader wrote in to remind everyone that it is the season to finish spending your FSA/HSA money before it is stolen by the government. Does anyone have a good list of preps that are eligible expenses?

Second Passport

Simon Black, over at The Sovereign Man, has a podcast that explores some of the possibilities on obtaining a second passport. There are apparently man countries that will offer you citizenship in exchange for an investment in their country. The podcast looks at reasons you may want to obtain a second passport as well as how to go about it. If this is part of your prepping plans, you should listen to this podcast.

Draining the Swamp

As the government approaches the end of Congress’ approval to lift the nation spending limit, Mnuchin makes a second emergency move to stave off a government shutdown. It would seem that lowing spending just isn’t something that the government is capable of doing. If I ran my finances like the government runs its finances, I’m pretty sure I would be in jail right now. Meanwhile, reader MtH sent in this video (Fox News) about the corrupt ethanol industry. Big government and big corporations doing big business together at your expense. MtH points out that the the video doesn’t even mention how detrimental ethanol enriched gas is for you small engines nor that it takes more energy to produce ethanol than it produces.

Passive Security

You will now be scanned by microwave for covert weapons when you enter the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. They have announced that they will be implementing the Canadian company’s new technology to detect prohibited firearms and other weapons from being brought onto the premises. The company claims that unlike existing airport scanners, their equipment is small enough to hide in an existing structure so you won’t even know you are being scanned. Westgate claims the scanners have a range of about two meters and can identify what type of device a person may be carrying. Thanks to reader G.P. for the link.

Military Exercises Today

The Washington Post is reporting that several military aircraft took part in exercises early today over the D.C. region. The exercise, called Falcon Virgo 18-03, included an F-16, a C-21 transport plan and an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter flying over the region from midnight until 2:30am. So, no, our capital has not been invaded. (Unless you count the slimy politicians or the nearly innumerable welfare recipients, or the hordes of leftist progressives. You know what? perhaps we have been invaded.)

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  1. As the Vegas shooting incident continues to unravel and facts continue to get ignored or buried, Fox News Anchor Tucker Carlson brought up a great point: All the rage over this incident seems to revolve around the dreaded “bump stocks,” which turn a semi auto rifle into a dreaded machine gun. First, they really don’t, second, they make the gun on which they are installed much less accurate, and lastly, all the rifles shown in the room of the shooter appear to have tripods, in addition to the bump stocks. As Tucker so rightly states, “Bump stocks and the actions they allow are negated by the use of a tripod! The gun must be free to recoil in order for the bump stock to work! If this is true, and I believe it is, this is just more fake news and flak put out to obscure what really happened! An aside, in the original pictures of the shooters room I would swear that one of the dreaded assault weapons on the floor was a dressed up 10-22! Possibly I’m mistaken, but did anyone else notice?

    1. I want the ar15 with 30 rd mags that is capable of 250rpm continuous fire with accuracy at 400yds,shoots through cover(not just concealment) and shoots around large hotel/casinos with accurate hits 1.5 miles away under cover(2 casinos that were shot up at the same time up the Strip). PS when are the autopsies and ballistics going to be released/independently verified?

  2. Swamp comment:
    And when did it become wisdom to use your food for fuel? Oh yeah, about the same time the government became in charge of charity, they have to pass bills to see what’s in them and the logic of spending our way out of debt….
    Shame on “We The People” for allowing them to become a ruling class.

    1. The senators from Iowa need to be charged,tried, and jailed for theft.
      We the people need to stop these people. And we wonder why we’re ina 20 trillion dollar rat hole.
      The U.S. Supreme Court said its O.K. to sell your office to the highest bidder.
      Any wonder why JWR keeps informing us to watch out for the next economic calaps? Keep up the good work JWR!
      Sinerio: The next U.S. Civil War will not be about race or religion, but about putting down the greedy, tyrannical politicians that “think”there incharge, anyone?
      Every time I here some whining Washington blohard tell We The Peolpe “It’s for the good of the country” I want to barf! I really love it when they sit there and tell We The People that “I work for American people” I believe a lot of us are beyond sick and tied f being fed the same old lies, I know I am!
      I will not give up this this awesome country of ours or my fellow like minded Americans.
      Thanx for letting me vent ya’ll.

  3. I don’t know if this is the right place for this, but here goes. Lately women have been coming out of the woodwork to claim this guy or that guy has sexually abused them in some way, often decades in the past. They did nothing at the time, but accept it. This is NOT acceptable! We should teach our daughters,granddaughters to fight back right when it happens, not wait. Maybe an article on this?

    1. I agree Old Sarge. I have told my children (because boys are assaulted as well) to fight and fight when someone hurts you. Even if someone says they will kill your family (as molesters will say to frighten children), scream and fight. My older daughters would never allow someone to speak to them in an abusive manner let alone touch them in a inappropriate or uninvited way. I’m ashamed that these women endured years of “abuse” but never felt they could speak up to protect themselves. They are culpable if only a little bit.

  4. It is regrettable, disgusting, and disappointing that twenty of the murderous mob from the 7th cavalry were awarded Medals of Honor for their participation in the Wounded Knee Massacre. That really diminishes the significance of that award for all those who rightfully deserve it. How do you justify a MoH for running down and shooting unarmed women and children? One of the recipients got one just for recovering a stray mule at the scene.

    Really? How does that work? Why is that award not rescinded by now?

  5. The Wounded Knee Massacre was a standoff between two armed groups when shooting began and the resulting fight ended the standoff. The Indians were lead by a madman who intended to hold onto an untenable position defying logic and the army who was opposing them. It was a suicide mission. But the sub zero temperatures would kill more than the Indians if the army didn’t act to end the standoff. There was no possible way that the army could either back off or wait them out. The”massacre” was the direct result of a stupid decision by the Indian leader. What other choice was there?

  6. FSA End of Year Spending

    Although I am a military retiree and utilize the local military treatment facility for my family’s medical needs, I did pick up on some important information from my employer regarding FSA/HSA. I do not currently participate, but the briefing we received indicated that has a large selection of qualifying items that can be bought with your FSA/HSA. I’d recommend the Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS® SAFE TRAVELS® First Aid Kit featuring Disney Princess for your medical needs. All kidding aside, there are many items that would be useful to use for your medical preparations rather than losing your FSA/HSA money.

    1. If you have ever taken a CPR course with AED certification, and have $650+ burning a hole in your FSA/HSA I would recommend buying a refurbished one. They are deductible and the prescription is written by the seller.
      Side note – HSA money rolls each year, FSA is the only “use it or lose it” of the two. (see IRS publication 969 for verification of that fact)

  7. The US is one of the countries that sells passports for a large”business investment” or contribution. Most of the places that do this have their passport holders carefully scutinized. It may be getting a second passport is a important prep to get out when it goes bad.

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