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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. Today, we focus on whitetail deer and their habitat.


The latest video from The Bard Of The American Redoubt is a “must watch”:  Never Ending Threat of Civil War — A response.


Watching the whitetail. The article begins:

“Researchers at the Idaho Department of Fish and Game are trying to get a better understanding of the relationship between whitetail deer and predators in northern Idaho.

The project is tied to a larger study on predator and prey relationships throughout the state, said Mark Hurley, wildlife research manager for the department at Boise. Although the impact that wolves, mountain lions and black bears have on elk herds gets most of the attention from both game managers and hunters when it comes to predator and prey relationships, Hurley said agency officials believe abundant whitetail deer may be key to understanding the way in which all the species interact.

‘Whitetail populations drive a lot of the predator populations because there are more whitetail than anything else,” he said. “We are trying to figure out how predators use whitetail deer and how that impacts other ungulate like elk.'”

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Families stranded, road crews stretched thin as Idaho battles flood waters

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Idaho man with punctured lung found in wilderness, one of 3 rescues in 2 days



Presumptive care for firemen? SB160 heads to House floor for final vote

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Bills to legalize sports betting advancing through Montana Legislature

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Replacement of “swinging bridge” underway near Troy


Eastern Oregon

LaGrande: You have now entered the Quiet Zone

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Utah man jailed after chase, manhunt near Redmond Airport


Eastern Washington

51st state movement highlights cultural divide in Washington State.

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They searched 8 square miles south of Connell. Suspected murder victim still missing

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Washington state judge arrested in rape investigation

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Washington’s prisons quietly banned nonprofits from giving used books to inmates, prompting criticism and a walkback


Critics oppose extending cell service into Bridger-Teton backcountry

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Petition: Bear Spray Requirements Needed for Hunter, Grizzly Safety. JWR’s Comments:  Ironically, legislators in Oregon are meanwhile attempting to make carrying pepper spray a crime. Perhaps our government should just let people choose for themselves how, when, and where, they arm themselves. Personally, I carry both pepper spray and lead spray, whilst out in the woods. But don’t don’t ask me to conform to the whims of some bureaucrat.


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  1. I live in Northwestern Wyoming and I can tell you for a fact, Grizzlies are thicker than flies, and the numbers that wildlife officials put out are nowhere near what is actually out there. They trap trouble bears in one location and move them to another and then move a bear from that location back to where they removed the other bear from. So load up all these trouble bears and stock them in Colorado and the mountains of California and let those Libs enjoy some of the Crap we have to put up with in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Yes bear spray is a good thing, same as seat belts and maybe even bicycle helmet, but I don’t need Big Brother telling me what I need and don’t need when it comes to taking care of myself, I moved out of Mommies Basement when I was 19. So if you don’t want any risk in your life stay in your penthouse and play video games. Trekker Out

  2. Mountain Trekker,
    That is brilliant! Move the protected Grizzlies from the place where smart people do not want them.
    Move them to California, Colorado, Western Washngton and Oregon. Print up a bunch of Save the Grizzlies bumper stickers and show pictures of dead bears on the news.
    Offer to bus the migrants to the same places. Within a week the caravans would stop.
    The bears would eat their new friends defending themselves with flower power and 911 calls, in 10 years we have new hunting grounds.

  3. Knock off the denigration of all people in CO and OR. There are a lot of us in both states outside Denver,Boulder,Salem,and Eugene that vote bright red and fight the Blue daily!
    We are NRA life members,veterans, first responders,ranchers, farmers, etc who happen to live in states that the Lib/commies have moved too. It doesn’t help our fight when you all run your pie holes. We volunteer, donate money, and vote red just like you so enough of your c**p (as you put it) talk.

    1. How about you knock off your denigration of the Patriots who reside in Eugene, Denver, Boulder, and Salem… not everyone in those zip codes is a flaming progressive. Some of us choose to live there precisely to defend the helpless who are victimized by the politicians. I no longer belong to the NRA because they are frauds… but I am a combat wounded veteran of three wars, a first responder, and have been in uniform serving my nation and communities for over 33 years. I wore a uniform in the Denver Metro area and hated the government, but loved the citizens who were victimized by the elites. We all know Eugene generally sucks a big one, that is true, but that doesn’t mean those of us in public service here are holding the lips open. We fight for what counts and take our victories humbly. Incidentally, when having conversations with people in Eugene I find there are a large majority of libertarians here, but the government is structured so the Progs have all the power… even in the method of voting and election. Please walk back your anger at the citizens and put your energy to fighting the gubbermint. We volunteer, donate money and services, and vote our conscience to the best of our ability…

  4. I think JWR was hinting at this, there are studies that suggest that bear spray works better to keep you off the menu than any pistol caliber. Personally I carry both in bear country, but I have my doubts that my .357 would be enough. If I was expecting trouble, like a bear killing livestock, I’d bring my 30-06.

    @ Ezra, don’t waste your breath, everyone here knows all CO and CA are 100% communist, Sean Hannity told them so.

  5. You can keep your Griz, we don’t want them in East Wa. either. The people in the outdoors and the know don’t, the libtards do, and they seem to be the ones with the political clout, thanks to the popular vote undermining of Constitutional rule.
    Similar to the grizzly is the wolf problem in East Wa counties. So in response to the pressure from the progs in Olympia to “protect the poor wolf”, you know, there so cute and cuddly and all! Seems he suggested that they actually had a local wolf pack assigned to Bainbridge Island, (a Seattle burn) to watch over their kids and keep track of their house pets. Apparently they didn’t like that idea so well, and got a bit more serious about the real issues with wolves attacking cattle and sheep as well as decimating local deer herds.
    It’s all well and good if it’s in someone else’s backyard but soon as the issue comes into their backyard, well the game and rules change. Funny how that works with libs isn’t it. That also applies to any political group. So before you wish something on someone or group, maybe you better look into the mirror first. It’s local here but reaches out to the national scale…

  6. We got a couple of Grizzlies at Wild Life Images which is a couple of miles from my home. The female weighs 800 pounds and the male about 1000 pounds. Hope they never get out, as I would have to grab my M1 Garand or my Remington 870 pump with 3″ magnum rounds and defend my neighborhood. I would attach photos but you can go on their website and see pics of them=

  7. We have the same problem in Michigan as California, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. Most of the counties are bright red, but the large population centers are mostly a brilliant blue. Republicans would give better representation to the State and the people. Democrats represent their party, period. All hail the party, or is that just Seig Heil.

    I know there are plenty of conservatives and libertarians here, i run into them all the time. They are even in the UAW, 40% Democrat, 40% Republican, about 10% libertarian, and about 10% everything else, from Greens, socialist, communist, to a few right leaning groups not republicans or libertarians. Depending on turnout, from 11 to 13 counties, out of a total of 83, elect the US senators, the statewide government posts, and the President. In statewide races most of the counties and the people in those counties really don’t matter. It’s that way in almost every state. With the influx of new wards of the state, it’s only going to get worse. The high population centers will gain even more power than they already have.

    It’s time for virtually all the States to subdivide, as soon as possible. It’s the only way to save the United States. The only other recourse, i fear, is war. Not a pleasant prospect.

  8. For prospecting Alaska this summer, we’re going with AKM’s loaded with 8M3 fragmenting hollow points. They’ll hit with about 1550 ft/lbs, create a 9″x4″ PWC, and then the fragments travel to 14″ deep. I consider the AK effective to 100 yards, which makes proving self defense much easier. You also have 30 rounds ready!

    Pepper spray does work…BUT…After use you want to move out of the area, as it becomes an attractant!!! Bears will come running if they catch scent of it, and will fight each other for the right to roll in it! Not good around a fixed camp!

    Bells…DO NOT WORK! The bears are listening for natural sounds, not Santa Claus! They are listening for anything that might threaten them. A stick breaking will clear them out faster than those jingle bells will.

  9. @ Behind Enemy Lines in Eugene
    I chose those cities because for the most part, those voting blocks are recognizably Blue. I do not denigrate the citizens there that are in the same position/ mindset I am. I just get really tired of people lumping us in with those Blue voting blocks that negate my vote along with the other Red voters, such as several commenters above have done. If you were offended, you mistook my meaning. Tough, as the saying goes.
    Was born in Montana, lived in CO for 25 years and moved to OR for my wife’s job. Great place here, but inside the cities, the vote is blue and it is happening in many states urban areas. CO was a fine place when I moved there but I watched it slowly change;the pot vote sped it up. MT will go the same way if they are not careful. OR big cities have been this way for some time and I knew that relocating here. I chose a rural area that is the opposite and should stay that way. Unfortunately, the blues have the upper hand. Your opinion of the NRA differs from mine. If you are not aware of, ,check it out. It may be an org that can stave off some of the heinous bills that Kate and her clowns are coming up with,

    1. Thanks for the reply Ezra. I see now that I may have been a bit sensitive to your initial post, which is weird because I don’t believe in sensitivity or feelings for that matter.
      Katie and her Kommunist Klown Posse are indeed getting away with too much here, because nobody has the clout to challenge them.
      Even Katie’s pick for interim Secretary of State is appointing establishment progs to her staff. The late great Secretary Dennis Richardson is likely turning in his grave.
      I have seen the PushBack signs on I-5 when I am forced to go to Salem. I will give the group a second look. For now I am piling the precious metals (brass and lead) deep. Too bad all my firearms were lost in that terrible forest fire at sea during the tsunami.

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