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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on saddlemakers in the American Redoubt. Many of these craftsmen also make saddlebags, holsters, and magazine pouches. Pictured is a custom saddle made by C&S Saddlery in Idaho.


Idaho (Saddlemakers in the American Redoubt)

There is custom leatherworker from Bayview, Idaho who does excellent work at very reasonable prices. His name is Clay Ensley. Along with his wife Shelley, he operates C&S Saddlery. Clay has 30 years of experience as a commercial leatherworker. In addition to custom-order saddles, his main line is traditional Old West style revolver holsters, gun belts, chinks, and cuffs. He also makes tooled smart phone cases, semi-auto pistol holsters, and pistol magazine pouches. For instance, he made me a nifty 3-magazine Glock 21 magazine pouch that is about the same size as the Classic Milt Sparks Six Pack.

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Anyone looking for pack saddles should visit They are located in Moscow, Idaho.  Oh, and don’t miss their useful Horse Packing Tips web pages.

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Many horsemen in eastern Idaho have heard of Cary Schwarz. His shop is near Salmon, Idaho.

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Cougars killed two dogs in Idaho this month. Officials think their numbers are growing.


Montana (Saddlemakers in the American Redoubt)

Witt’s Custom Saddlery in Laurel, Montana is a well-established shop with loyal clientele.

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For folks in southwestern Montana, be sure to visit Freckler’s Saddlery. They are located in Dillon.

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I noticed that (in Victor, Montana) still has a good supply of AR-15 MagPul PMAGs available, at quite reasonable prices. I recommend that you buy yourself a stack of them before the next ban!  The store also sells a variety of gun parts (mostly AR), including lower receivers with their own SAA brand name. And they sell SOTA billet AR lowers for as low as $44.99 each.



Eastern Oregon (Saddlemakers in the American Redoubt)

If passing through Pendleton, visit Rod Retherford’s saddle shop. He makes dome of teh best.

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And of course there is Hamley & Co. They’ve branched out into all sorts of merchandise–becoming sort of a Cowboy Mecca. Here is a neat video segment that shows what has become their “back room” business: Hamley’s Saddle Makers, Pendleton, Oregon.

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Another victory for the Hammond family: Pardoned ranchers win back grazing permits.


Eastern Washington (Saddlemakers in the American Redoubt)

Bob Hickman is the founder of Hickman Saddlery. They’ve been in business since 1989 in Colfax, Washington.

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A combined Pro-2nd Amendment and Pro-Liberty State-51st State (Washington Partition) rally will be held on February 15th from 11 AM to 2 PM at the Washington state capitol rotunda, in Olympia. Be there! Please dress in respectable business or business-casual clothes. No camouflage, please!  Be there to speak out in favor of H.B. 1509 and H.J.M. 4003 (a bill and resolution that seek lawful partition) and against all gun-grabbing legislation in Washington.

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The Real Resistance: Washington State Sheriffs Refuse To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws. JWR’s Comments:  The new law that pushed these Sherrifs to speak out was of course the horrendously unconstitutional I-1639. As this maps shows, voters east of the Cascades and south of the hyperpopulous Seattle metro region voted against it.

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Hanford blamed for most of $110 billion bump in federal cleanup costs

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The liberally-biased Tri-City Herald changed another headline last week. It originally read: Pasco Man Gulity of Killing Two. In an update to the web page for the article, the editors changed the headline to read: His mom would have forgiven her killer. For her son, the jury verdict was justice.


Wyoming (Saddlemakers in the American Redoubt)

Steve Mecum of Crowheart, Wyoming makes saddles that are real works of art.

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Investigation shows bear spray worked but was deployed too late in grizzly attack that killed Jackson hunting guide. Here is a selection from the article:  “A Florida hunter who fled from a grizzly bear that was trying to appropriate an elk carcass thought his Jackson Hole guide was already dead when he first rang 911 from a high slope in the Teton Wilderness. Wyoming Game and Fish Department investigators later found evidence that supported his suspicion: that outfitter Mark Uptain was fatally wounded during an initial attack and likely died within minutes, even though he managed to halt the brutal mauling with a blast of bear spray and stagger 50 yards before succumbing to massive trauma and blood loss.”

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Ordinance that would punish bartenders who serve drunk customers moves forward in Casper

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  1. $110 Billion is a drop in the bucket. They will literally need a miracle to happen for them to be able to do anything with the waste in the tanks at Hanford, and that is only a small portion of the total contamination issue there. We told them so almost a decade ago, and nothing has changed. The Vit Plant is just going to become another monument to DOE spending like the Grout Plant and the FMEF and the FFTF facilities are, all huge wastes of money that never produced anything significant. It will take 150+ years to deal with remediating that site, and that won’t start until they figure out how to do it, and then actually commit to making it happen, which will cost far more than $110 billion. All they are doing now is literally just scratching the surface. It will be another century at least before a real solution is found and implemented.

  2. re:

    An acquaintance ran off a cougar in her carport… with a broom. (To clarify, the nice lady used the broom. According to the version relayed to me, the cougar seemed uninterested in sweeping.)

    Me? I would terminate its existence with a shotgun. A professional killer with that level of ‘audacity of hope’ will tap me on the shoulder the next time my attention wavers. Or get invited for supper at the neighbors. Dog? Cat? Child? Cranky oldster with zero tolerance for nincompoops? Say “bye-bye”.

    Of course, I am able to own and maintain and rehearse with my tools. The nice lady lives in a suburb of Santa Cruz, California. The broom is all she is allowed to possess.

    Unlike me, the nice lady is concerned with her image to The Community. She realizes:
    *** Two brooms would earn her concerned disapproval from her peers.
    *** Three brooms would earn her a friendly visit from the concerned government agents, and an eval from Mental Health Professionals… concerned about her arsenal.

    I think it’s safe to say… that is a lot of concern going ’round.

  3. We here in New York state have the same problem as Washington state. We are governed by the politics of New York city. The aggressive progressive agenda currently being passed since we lost the Republican majority in the state Senate is atrocious. Until recently, I was unable to move out of state. However, my mom went home to be with the Lord last year and i am currently looking to move. Would prefer a warmer climate, if anybody has a suggestion for conservative Christian gun owners, send them along.

    1. If you just want a climate “warmer than New York” (with less snow), the I’d recommend that you look at the low river valleys of northern Idaho. Focus on towns like St. Maries, Lewiston, and Bonners Ferry. But if you want a dramatically warmer climate, then consider the Four Corners region–specifically the area around Farmington, New Mexico.

    2. Come on down to the Palmetto State. Low taxes, low cost of living, firearms friendly, and you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a church. And certainly warmer than New York. Seriously, if you’re willing to work and can leave the “that’s not how we did it up North” Yankee attitude behind…well then, y’all come on down.

  4. Living in NM I am having a harder and harder time offering up moving here. With the latest Liberal governor and house, and the docket they have proposed, we are turning into a lower income version of Kalifornia. (liberal big government, gun control, school control, sanctuary state, entitlements, etc.)

    Additionally, we have been the “go to” state for late term abortion for the last decade and now they are trying to push through VA/NY style of “up to 40 weeks, for the “health” of the mother”. I fear the Lord will either turn His back to this region, or bring it some retribution for our actions (but I pray not and lean on His mercy!)

    I hate to say it, but take a good look at the Redoubt and study up hard on NM before considering it.

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