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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. (See the Eastern Washington section.)


Lewiston: Moms Demand Action Instructor Teaches ‘Gun Safety’ by Holding Handgun by the Muzzle

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Disaster preparation is a growing market for Idaho businesses


Men killed in semi pileup near Superior identified

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Man accused of plotting to kidnap Letterman’s son is freed



Eastern Oregon

The History of Gateway, Oregon

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Ontario, Oregon:  Three in jail following shooting on Friday


Eastern Washington (Jim Mattis)

Secretary of Defense Jim “Dad Dog” Mattis has announced that he is leaving the Trump Administration. The latest report is that an interim Secretary of Defense will be stepping down, starting today (January 1st, 2019.) Many SurvivalBlog readers may not be aware that Mattis has deep roots in Eastern Washington. He was born in Pullman, Washington. He was raised in Richland, Washington where he attended high school. (His father worked at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.) Jim Mattis then attended Central Washington University in Ellensburg, where he studied history and was enrolled as an ROTC cadet. According to the Infogalactic wiki, “Mattis is also known for the internet meme depicting him as ‘Saint Mattis of Quantico, Patron Saint of Chaos.'” He was an intellectual general who issued Required Reading lists to officers in his chain of command. In the U.S. Marine Corps, he reached the rank of General (four star rank) before retiring and being tapped as Secretary of Defense. Since Mattis retired from the military in 2013, his nomination required a waiver of the National Security Act of 1947 which normally requires a seven-year waiting period before retired military personnel can assume the role of Secretary of Defense

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More real-world statistics, from the U.S. Census Bureau: Wyoming



Some interesting statistics from the CDC on Wyoming. Note that there were only 17 homicides for the preceding year in Wyoming. That is comparable just one summer weekend of murders in the city of Chicago. The television show Longmire, which is supposedly set in Wyoming, depicts more than 10 murders per season, in their fictional Absaroka County.  In the real world, Wyoming has 23 counties. If there were 230 murders per year in Wyoming, that would be a 10-fold increase!

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Some interesting history: Ernest Hemingway in Wyoming


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  1. RE: Longmire – fun show, as long as you never forget anything you see on TV is entirely fictional (especially the “news”…..). I noticed that in Longmire’s “Wyoming” it’s always 72 degrees, sunny and no traffic…. (turns out it’s actually filmed in New Mexico, but apparently there’s no winter or traffic there, either)

  2. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was just another Globalist NATO-loving Swamp Creature in Trump’s administration. If you have any doubt just read his resignation letter.

    Of course if you believe going to war with Russia over countries of no Constitutional concern like Croatia makes sense then you can find another military Globalist. I’d suggest Google ‘Hiroshima victims’ first.

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