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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on the release of Todd Engel.   (See the Idaho section.)


First and foremost, there is this update, over at Redoubt NewsExclusive: Welcome Home Todd Engel!

(The photo of Todd Engel and Rep. Heather Scott at the top of this column is courtesy of Redoubt News.)

The editors of Redoubt News note that after four and a half years of wrongful incarceration, Engel is attempting to put his life back together. If you’d like to help him and his family, then please visit the new Engel Family GoFundMe page.

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Median Ada County home sales price passes $400,000 in August thanks to dwindling inventory

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Genesis Arms of Sandpoint, Idaho has introduced a new AR-10 variant in 12 gauge with a 10.5″ barrel and an arm brace. It is classified as a “firearm”–not a shotgun, nor a pistol.  This is the same category as a Remington Tac-14.

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A recent visit to the Seekins Precision web site shows that most of their guns are sold out, but they are taking back-orders.


HSM Ammunition in Stevensville, Montana has reportedly increased production, but they are not keeping up with the current nationwide demand. They are currently looking for well-qualified employees.

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Montana Coal Production Down 21%

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Price Trends Bozeman Real Estate

Eastern Oregon

La Grande man injured while fighting massive California wildfire

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Zoom City: Bend’s median home price hits $529K amid hot C.O. real estate market

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Lost motorcycle rider rescued after all-night search west of Bend

Eastern Washington

Judge orders anti-abortion gatherings away from Planned ParenthoodJWR’s Comment: It seems that protests are “protected speech” only if they match the leftist narrative.

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Shooting involving US Marshal reported in North Spokane

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Benton Conservation District awarded $306,000 salmon recovery grant

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Teen in custody after police clock him driving 126 miles per hour


With the current nationwide run on ammunition, ironically, it is some of the more obscure calibers that can still be found on gun store shelves, such as .454 Casull. Revolvers chambered for that round are still made by several makers, including Freedom Arms.

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Early Voting Begins in Wyoming

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  1. @ bozeman real estate – I recently had a conversion with a contractor from Bozeman Mt, he stated the two yrs preceding this yr had been busy, but this yr has been absolutely crazy on building and construction ( mainly new homes / housing ) , with most of the people coming from the California. And he said you want to talk about goofy people and their ideas about life and about living and how should be and how things should be done and why and what they want to do or have done for them.

    1. That contractor should be one of the first to tell the misbegotten lot of expatriate Cali’s- ‘Thats not the way we do it here. Assimilate, because if you don’t like it then people here are going to tell you to go back where you came from, really quick.’

  2. Although Texas is outside the American Redoubt, this state will need the solidarity of a nation of Conservatives who believe in the Constitution, and are committed to the preservation of liberty.

    News reports the following today…

    Biden’s Texas Political Director Implicated in Massive Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Harris County

    At least one braggert suggested this ballot harvesting scheme could produce 700,000 ballots from a single area.

    SB Readers. This should alarm every one among us. Speak up. Our country is in great danger. She is calling on each and everyone of us to make our voices heard. Contact your local elections offices. Get involved. If you see something suspicious, say something, and then follow up!

  3. Regarding the article on Planned Parenthood. It seems, sounds so reasonable. I agree with not blocking people or harrassing them. The big problem is in who decides what the words mean, and to whom they apply. Rioting, looting, arson, are called peaceful protesting, and there are no arrests and no one is held accountable. Singing, asking to open businesses, and respectful gatherings are called violent and spur arrests of those involved. The words have become meaningless. This reminds me of accounts of POW torture and brainwashing. Your answer is wrong. The next day you say what the day before you were told was the right answer, but it is wrong. Ad infinitum until glassed over eyes look only to the hand that slaps them.

  4. Re: JWR’s commentary… ” JWR’s Comment: It seems that protests are “protected speech” only if they match the leftist narrative.”

    This is terrifyingly true, and JWR is right.

    President Trump has pulled back the curtain on the Communist Marxist Radical Left, and everything about them is being dragged into the light of day for all of us to see. Despite every effort of the Left to stop him, DJT and is administration have accomplished so very much. Among these accomplishments is the “great reveal” of the “real Radical Left”. Please. Pray for President Donald J. Trump, for Vice President Mike Pence, for their families, and for every American patriot working to recover and restore our Constitutional Republic.

  5. Ammo is very hard to find for many common calibers,I recently bought my grandson his first hunting rifle as youth deer season starts in about two weeks I managed two buy the only two boxes of .243 that the store had in stock.

    1. I wasn’t going to even read the article, til you said something…
      (Well OBVIOUSLY, he should have been carrying a fishing pole on his bike. What kind of unprepared newbie rider does not have one at all times??)

  6. You can find all the ammo you want at Check a few times each day/each week until you find the price, type, quantity you want. Not my site, but I’ve bought plenty through the site when I too, thought ammo was hard to find.

  7. Hey TOA, I would like to amend your comment “dragged into the light of day for all of us to see.” More like – dragged into the light of day for all of us to see who want to see. Also depending on where you get your news from you may never see it. One reason I read this forum every day.
    See you there or in the air.

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