Readers’ Recommendations of the Week:

From SurvivalBlog Reader Spotlight:

I would like to offer a recommendation for the movie The Grey, I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned before. Some caveats include lots of harsh language and some savage attacks by wolves upon men. Beyond that, it really struck a chord with me. It is an incredible story of survival and the will to survive. I am not into poetry in any way, but I specifically went back and memorized the poem from the movie. I think it’s a movie all young men should see. Mrs. Spotlight and daughter Flashlight, did not like it at all and spent most of their time looking away. I do not recommend it for women. I’ve seen some criticism online of the survival tactics, et cetera. It’s not a “how to” movie, and anyone worrying about the technical details is missing the whole point of it. Watch the credits; there’s an important conclusion to the movie in there. “Once more into the fray….”!

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DMS recommended the movie Behind the Mask, a powerful true story, as a family movie.

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JWR recommended Wranglerstar’s Back To Basics, a full 49 minute movie, free on YouTube.