Preparedness Notes for Saturday – September 09, 2017

On September 9, 1492, Columbus’ fleet set sail west. The rest, you know as history, or is that revisionist history.

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On a sad note, SurvivalBlog received word today that one of our favorite Science Fiction authors passed away. Jerry Pournelle had many novels published under his own name and with the collaboration of others like Larry Niven, John F. Carr, Steven Barnes and Michael Flynn and more. He is also credited with having the first and longest-running blog on the Internet–long before it got the name “blogging.” One item that will probably be overlooked in the obituaries published about him in the next few days is that Jerry was a life-long prepper. For several years he wrote article for Mel Tappan’s P.S. Letter newsletter. (Published from 1977 to 1982.) Jerry Pournelle’s memory will live on in our hearts.