Preparedness Notes for Monday – June 11, 2018

John Wayne, the iconic American film actor, died on June 11th, 1979. While John Wayne is probably best known for his westerns like The Shootist and Fort Apache, we remember him best for his roles in The Alamo and The Green Berets, both of which reflected his patriotic, conservative leanings. We do miss his trademark drawl and good looks.


  1. That day I was at Ft Knox Ky. as a newly minted Private and we just came back from a night exercise to the barracks .
    Someone put their Boom Box on top of their wall locker and cranked it up ,it was loud in that Big open bay .
    Then a voice can on the Box and said John Wayne had died today , The whole floor fell silent in a second . I’ll remember that day like it was yesterday till I go.

  2. The Shootist, now that was a movie. The Duke conveyed to a starry-eyed kid the grim realities of using a firearm to kill another human being. His teaching of that young man was one of his most heroic roles.

    Carry on.

  3. The Hellfighters(oil well firefighters) ,Hitari!(african wildlife hunters),and In Harm’s Way(wwll) are his best films,original plots,good scripts,great scenery,solid acting-they don’t make them like that anymore.

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