The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“I want a strong border. I do want a wall. Walls do work, you just have to speak to the folks in Israel. Walls work if they’re properly constructed. I know how to build, believe me, I know how to build.” – President Donald Trump


  1. Monroe county NY, Illegal alien convicted of illegal entry to US ,already removed at least twice ,charged with burying his 18 year old girlfriend . He claims he didn’t kill her but did bury her on the farm where she worked . Their 14 month old son is missing , authorities and volunteers searched for weeks . He says nothing . Unfortunately the news is full of reports about illegals committing crimes but the snowflakes can not see the value of a well protected border . Child remains missing . Who do people think pays for this type of operation . certainly not the illegal aliens .

  2. I propose a simpler solution to the wall.
    Two barbed wire fences 200 yards apart on the border, enclosing a minefield.
    Regular patrols augmented with electronic surveillance, both IR and night vision.
    Anyone within the 2 fences gets shot and eliminated.

  3. The wall is too little too late and only a facade. Why has there been no need for this previously? The real answer is to enforce our immigration and workforce laws to eliminate the reason for these people to come here and punish those who violate our laws for profit(employ illegals to replace American workers and drive down labor rates),so lets take the profit out, increase the risk,enforce the laws and have meaningful punnishments(large fines,corporate death sentences,lifting the corporate veil to punish corporate officers and stockholders who profit from criminal activity who otherwise rely on being shielded from consequences,clawbacks from illegals who transfered funds out of the country(conspiracy to profit from illegal labor)).
    The laws are there they just need to be enforced and penalties changed to be effective.

    1. There’s already a fine for employing illegals, but it’s never enforced. If we could actually enforce the law, then you’re right, it would drastically curb illegal immigration.
      They would still flock to sanctuary states and cities, however.

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