Preparedness Notes for Friday – November 24, 2017

November 24th marks the day that John Knox died, in 1572. (He was born in 1514.) AtheistAgendaPedia says: “Born near Haddington Scotland. He was influenced by George Wishart, who was burned for heresy in 1546, and the following year Knox became the spokesman for the Reformation in Scotland. After imprisonment and exile in England and the European continent, in 1559 he returned to Scotland, where he supervised the preparation of the constitution and liturgy of the Reformed Church.”

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As long as on-hand supplies last, Ready Made Resources is having a sale on non-gated 3rd Generation high grade tube PVS-14 monocular/weapon sights from Night Vision Devices. They have a minimum of 64 line pair resolution! They are ideal for folks who have a rural retreat without a lot of harsh light pollution. They are bargain priced at just $2,295 with free shipping and a generous return policy.

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Today’s article was submitted to us by a teacher from Connecticut, supposedly the Constitution state, who recognizes the significance of the Second Amendment and its important place within the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. In a recent letter to the editors of SurvivalBlog, B.E. writes, “Our state and national leaders would do well to remember that and take their oaths of office to heart, in light of recent developments in the world and more calls for stricter gun control by most of our spineless politicians.” I concur. If we truly want to keep our crime rate low and our communities friendly and safe, we must seek less restrictive gun control, thus enabling our citizens to defend themselves, their community, and our nation properly.

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