Pat’s Product Review: UVPaqlite Forever Lite

I’m like many folks, and when I can get a good deal on a product, that can help me fill a particular need, I like that. However, when I can get a great deal on a product, I’m even happier. But when I can get a free deal on something I need, I couldn’t be happier. When the power goes out, we all reach for a flashlight, to help us find our way in the dark. When out camping, we need a light source of some type as well. Many folks carry flashlights in their BOB, or have lanterns for camping. Still, many other people have those snap chemical light sticks. They give a good amount of light. The only problem is, the source of that light is very limited–just a few hours.
When I was first contacted by Steve Nagel about his products, I was more than a little skeptical, to say the least. The UV Paqlite is an almost forever source of light – yes, you read that right – the light source is nearly forever – it’s rechargeable, using sunlight, flashlights, car headlights – just about any light source. Okay, the UVPaqlites aren’t “free” in the sense they are being given away. However, the light that you can obtain from the many different products that UVPaqlite sells is essentially free light. Unlike the conventional “snap to activate” binary chemicals glo-sticks that you can only use once, the various UVPaqlites have an unlimited life span, they can be used for a lifetime with a little bit of care.
I tested the UVPaqlite samples that were sent me over more than a two month period. I did nothing in this test, other than leave the various light products sitting on my desk, filing cabinets and the end table in my living room. The light from my office charged the samples I had sitting here, as did the light from the lamp on my end table. If I wanted to charge these products faster, I simply exposed them to an LED flashlight for a minute or two, and these unique products were fully-charged, and they glowed all night long – and then some. And, these glow lights can last for several days and nights, as a matter of fact, from one charge.
UVPaqlite is a family owned small business, and they are up-front and honest in their dealings, from all I learned about them. I had a great conversation with Steve Nagel, prior to doing this article, and he was very straightforward with me about their products. No, these forever lights do not glow as brightly as the chemical glo-stick lights do, but they do glow brightly enough that you can hang one or two in your tent at night, and they will provide you with enough light to function, instead of being left in the dark. And, there are no batteries required, and these unique products can be used over and over again – as I stated above, they are forever lights – a free light source for many needs.
The UVPaqlites are tested and approved by the North American Hunting and Fishing Club members, they were tested extensively by their members, too. What are some of the uses you can use the UVPaqlites for? Well, needless to say, they make an outstanding addition to your survival gear – place several in your BOB and if the need arises and you have to bug out, you can remove the products from your pack and allow them to charge in the light, and you’re ready to go when the sun sets. If you like to get out and walk after the sun goes down, you can apply one of these lights to your clothing or on a belt, so you can be seen at night. If you’re into camping, boating, backpacking, night fishing, hunting – just about any outdoor activity, you can benefit from one of the many products that UVPaqlite produces.
I was more than a little curious, as to what material was used to make the lights glow. The material inside the various products is made from Strontium, Aluminum and Europium – they are earth elements. They are all safe – if someone ingested these elements, it would simply be the same as if they ate dirt – don’t try the same with a chemical glo-stick! I’m no scientist, so I’m not sure how these elements combine to make them glow forever, with a little charge, but I don’t have to fully understand it, to appreciate it. I’m not totally sure how I know electricity works, but I know when I turn-on a light switch, the lights come on in my house. And, I know with the UVPaqlite products, that when I expose them to a light source, they glow all night long – and sunlight is the best source of charging. However, as already mentioned, just a minute or two under any artificial light source, is more than enough to give you a charge that lasts all night long.
Some other advantages to the UVPaqlites is that they are reliable – nothing to break. The are reusable — almost forever. They are portable, waterproof, environmentally friendly, no batteries ever are required, no bulbs to break or burn out, and no expiration dates – they last for generations. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything negative here in these products.
Now, it takes several minutes for your night vision to kick-in, once you are in darkness. When you first enter a dark room, the UVPaqlites may not seem very bright at first. However, give your eyes a few minutes to adjust, and you will be surprised as to how bright the UVPaqlites really are. Again, they aren’t as bright as the traditional glo-sticks. However, the advantages that the UVPaqlites offer over the glo-stick products, far out-weigh the fact that they don’t glow as brightly.
Okay, let’s see if I can cover some of the various products that UVpaqLite has to offer, and there are quite a few, and their product line is growing. First of all, you have the glo-sticks, and key chain lites, and a necklace lite. You can get marker lites and beacon lites, as well as Tooblites and Scooblites (for SCUBA diving). There is also the Paqlite and the matlite. I like the idea of the Matlite for a number of uses. The Matlite can be placed on your nightstand – and you can place your firearm on top of it so it’s easy to see in the dark. Or you can place your meds and a glass of water on the Matlite, if you require taking meds in the middle of the night – don’t laugh, a lot of people do. The Paqlite is really a super-cool product. It has the rare earth material inside of a vacuum pack that you can roll-up – yes, you read that right, you can roll it up.
All UVPaqlite products are waterproof, light-weight (very light-weight) and easy to pack. I like the idea of something that is easy to pack, and has very little weight. I couldn’t tell you the number of times, I left traditional glo-sticks in a pack, and when I went to use them, they didn’t work–their shelf life is only a couple of years.
A new product that UVPaqlite just came out with is a flashlight – an LED flashlight (Larry’s 8 LED flashlight – UVPaqlite doesn’t make it, they only market it) that has a UVPaqlite attached to it – you simply turn the LED flashlight on for a minute, and the glo-stick gets charged and you have a nice gentle light for your tent that will last all night long – or use it for walking a trail in the dark. The Larrys 8 LED flashlight itself is a great product – it operates using 3 AAA batteries and is super bright – and I mean BRIGHT! Best thing is, flashlight is under ten bucks – it’s a great deal.
UVPaqlite recently designed some products for the DOD (Department of Defense) for our troops to use. Plus, I’m starting to see UVPaqlite products advertised on various web sites all over the place, as well as showing-up at gun shows, outdoor shows and preparedness shows, and they sell quite well, once folks see how good they work.
UVPaqlites really caught my attention for a number of reasons. Needless to say, a source of forever free light is a good thing in my book – and the light source is virtually unbreakable, easy to pack and light-weight. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, to fill just about any needs for emergency lighting. No, you probably won’t be able to read a good book using only one UVPaqlite, but it sure beats sitting around in the dark. And, you never have to replace any batteries – the sun can charge your UVPaqlite in a matter of minutes. And, I like to save the best for last – that is the prices. I’m not going to list all the various prices in this article, you can check out the prices on their web site, but you will be pleasantly surprised at just how inexpensive the UVPaqlites are – considering you are getting an almost forever source of free light, the cost is very reasonable.
If you are serious about your survival and preparedness, you absolutely have to include some UVPaqlites in your gear. And, if you are in the military, you need to keep some of these handy – in your pack, assault vest, or even in your pants pocket – just take them out for a few minutes during the day to let them charge, and you are good to go all night long. If you own a sporting goods store, gun shop, survival gear store – you need to be carrying UVPaqlites for your customers – seriously. I became totally impressed with all the products that were sent to me. And, it was a pleasure, talking with Steve Nagel, at UVPaqlites. He is a wealth of information – and if you have questions, he will talk to you personally. Try that with some big company–that isn’t going to happen. More products are in the works, and Steve promised to send me samples when they become available.
While the UVPaqlite products aren’t free – but they are very inexpensive – you will have a forever source of free light, once you have these products in-hand. While the power companies don’t have anything to fear just yet, I think they might be getting a little bit worried – free light!  – SurvivalBlog Field Gear Editor Pat Cascio

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