Notes from JWR:

Today is celebrated as Resurrection Sunday. Christ is risen! — Today is the birthday of Dr. Walter E. Williams, a PhD. Economist and one of my heroes. He was born in 1936. — Today we present the last two entries for Round 45 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The … Continue reading

So You Want to Become a Prepper — Now What?, by Daniel A.

History has shown that empires, nations, societies, and individuals all pass, and that the events of our lives can be, and oftentimes are, very uncertain.  About a year ago, my wife and I read the novel One Second After by William Forstchen.  While this book is a fictional account of … Continue reading

Pre-Trib Rapture Doctrine and Preparedness, by P.H.

In my conversations in person and online as well as select daily readings including SurvivalBlog; it seems to me that there are a few very common themed roadblocks that people throw out as reasons why they can’t or don’t need to prepare or are unable to take their prepping to … Continue reading

Two Letters Re: Things to Understand When Interacting With the Police

Dear Editor: In response to R.B. and his comments on “Things to Understand When Interacting With the Police,” I’d like to share “Some Things He Needs to Understand When Interacting With Civilians.” We’ve long abandoned the idea that the police are interested in helping us when they interact with us. … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

Joe K. suggested: Emergency Preparedness & Outdoor Adventure Planning Checklist    o o o Americans Are Migrating To More Free Republican States. It is noteworthy that the study (see summary here) would have ranked Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana higher, except that “freedom” as they define it includes so-called “same sex … Continue reading

Notes from JWR:

You’ve probably already seen this: 40+ Officers & ATF Agents Raid Home of Youtube Gun Personality FPSRussia. So the “explosives experts” at the BATFE are ignorant about Tannerite exploding targets? Take a look at the FPS Russia videos with explosions. All that I’ve ever seen are explosions producing sandy-brown smoke, … Continue reading

Preparedness for Short Term Regional Disasters, by K.H.H.

I know this blog is primarily aimed at folks preparing for a long-term crisis, but I have a unique perspective on living without electricity after a regional disaster that I thought some might find informative. I live in the hills of northwestern New Jersey, and I have lived through three … Continue reading

Letter Re: Things to Understand When Interacting With Police

James, In my opinion 99.9% of preppers are law-abiding citizens who fear God and want nothing more than to be left alone to live their lives in peace and prosperity. Having said that I take extreme exception to the recent article entitled, “Things to Understand When Interacting With Police”, by … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

Dear Respected Comrade, Supreme Leader, Great Successor, First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea, the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, Kim-Il Sung Jr., Jr. seems to have gone full-on Col. … Continue reading