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Signs of the times: As cities lay off police, frustrated neighborhoods turn to private cops. (Thanks to J.B.G. for the link.)

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And yet another! Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) member and Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin was arrested yesterday for allegedly accepting bribes from an undercover FBI agent, as part of a wide-ranging federal corruption probe that netted six New York state politicians. Meanwhile, we read, about another MAIG member: Gun-Toting Mayor Charged in Sex Intimidation Case. He has now been formally booked for a long list of charges, but they missed discharging a firearm inside city limits. And apparently demanding sex at gunpoint is only considered attempted rape if the perpetrator is demanding heterosexual sex. (If his victim had been female, I think this would have been prosecuted differently. Why the double standard for homosexuals?)

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J.T. and Matt R. both sent this: The ATF Wants ‘Massive’ Online Database to Find Out Who Your Friends Are

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Allan Savory: How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change. He shows that well-managed herds of grazing animals prevent desertification. (Thanks to W.M.J. for the link.)

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