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Reader Paula in Nebraska suggested this useful article over at the Homestead Moma blog: Ways To Take Care Of Your Animals If SHTF. – JWR

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Over at Prepper Journal‘s archives: How to Camouflage Paint Your AR-15

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This sounds like something out of a novel: Christian Homeland The Answer To Islamic State Violence? Christians In The Middle East Demand Sovereign Nation

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Video: How Many Magazines Do You Need? (Pre-Gun Ban Prepping)

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I’ve heard that the supply of Rawles XL Voyager knives is just about depleted at the manufacturer, Cold Steel. At last estimate, they had less than 100 of them still on hand. All of the profits from the sale of these knives are going to two Christian charities. (I don’t make a dime on them.) Because this was a limited edition knife, there will be no more produced, and prices on the secondary market are bound to increase. Oh, by the way, I also heard that Midway still has a few in stock, at a very competitive price. Don’t dawdle, folks!- JWR

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