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This great video shows a “stealth” camper van project with some
potential for preppers: How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days! Used Transit Vans and Combi-Vans (as well as similar large vans–which you probably recognize from out on the highway, and on American Pickers) are starting to become affordable here in the States.  Most preppers would of course want to have more battery capacity, more propane capacity, and some hidden compartments. A little Velcro behind paneling and molding works wonders, for those. (Don’t miss opportunities like that.)  Oh, and don’t forget to wear eye protection at all times–and ear protection when appropriate–whenever you are tackling any DIY projects. Safety first! – JWR

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A consulting client recently mentioned the annoyance of “junk” phone calls. She also mentioned that she had never got on the National Do Not Call list.&nbsp I recommend that all SurvivalBlog readers get registered, to avoid nuisance calls and to prevent needless charges on their cell phones. It will stop nearly all business solicitations, but will not stop political calls. Just go to: DoNotCall.gov. This “.gov” site is operated by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), so you won’t get spammed. – JWR

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Reader H.L.R. wrote to mention some news: Amazon is producing a second season of The Man In The High Castle.  Fans of parallel universe fiction should mark December 16th on their calendars.  Hopefully all of the episodes will be made available on the same day, to allow binge watching. (This was how they released the first season.) H.L.R. also notes that for a limited time, the e-book of the novel (on which the television series was based) is available free of charge for Amazon Prime members.

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I was recently doing some web wandering and noticed that the PrepperGroups.com site is still doing well.  Congrats to the site managers for their perseverance.

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