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One of my phone consulting clients recently asked about a recommendation for a low power (QRP) high frequency (HF) AM and FM single-sideband (SSB) capable transceiver.  I suggested one of the most popular ones. It is the Yaesu FT-817ND.  It runs on 12 volts DC and is VERY compact!  (They are even used for backpacking, as seen in this video.) They are ideal for voice, CW/Morse, and digital work, and cover the Amateur 160 through 10 Meter bands, 50 MHz, 144-148 MHz (the 2 Meter band), 430-450 MHz, as well as the Alaska Emergency Channel at 5167.5 kHz.  When sending PSK-31 and similar digital (text) traffic, 5 watts of output power is often sufficient to send messages around the world. (Depending, of course, on ionospheric conditions.) The only proviso is that the Yaesu reportedly has fairly sensitive final stage power amplifier circuitry sections. (Commonly called “finals”.)  Never, ever key the microphone on any transceiver without an antenna or a dummy load attached, or you can instantly destroy the finals. – JWR

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Speaking of ham radio, I stumbled into this YouTube video on dipole antenna trimming:  HF Field Ops Gear-up. Dipole Antenna Tuning. – JWR

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Patrice Lewis recently posted a very educational photo essay that shows her family’s efficient use of space:  Photos of our canning closet

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In the Protestant world, churches seem destined to split over doctrinal differences.  Now, in the Wacky World of Wikipedia–which is something akin to a cult-like religion to some of its editors–there has been what appears to be a schism, with the advent of a new branch Wlki called InfoGalactic. The new encyclopedic site seems to have a slow server, and appears to be using a snapshot of Wikipedia, as a starting point. They have promised to be more inclusionist while being less pedantic and sycophantic. I wish them the best.  It remains to be seen whether or not the new Intergalactic wiki will succumb to the same leftist/”progressive”/pro-homosexual/statist cabals, deletionism, and Wikilawyering that have destroyed the credibility of Wikipedia.  (A tip of the hat to Claire Wolfe, for alerting us to this new wiki.) – JWR

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