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Interesting Coincidence – U.S. Internet Disruption Maps During WikiLeaks Presser. – C.S.

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Video: Trey Gowdy Took Only Three Minutes To Silence The Media – B.B.

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On The Precipice Of World War III: Russia Prepares For War On Multiple Fronts – B.B.

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In the news, I notice that Russians are participating in large nuclear preparedness drills. While it seems based on Russian sources (and all that implies, based on Sun Tzu), I would certainly say that a pre-emptive strike is in their arsenal of options and should be considered when evaluating our own state of preparedness. 40 Million Russians To Take Part In “Nuclear Disaster” Drill, Days After US General Warns Of War With Moscow – EJR

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The Threat is Real and Imminent: “Two North Korean Satellites Orbiting Over U.S. May Be Armed With Miniaturized Super-EMP Weapon” – G.L.

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