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Turkey’s Exhausting Zigzagging between East and West

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Imposing Liberty – Excerpt: “Charity is rightfully the Christian way and should remain there. It should be important to us as believers, it should be our driving force, but it should never be put in the hands of bureaucrats.” – B.B.

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Improving Global Food Security with a Device That Sweats – G.G.

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Australian man caught up in Italy earthquake describes lucky escape – A.S.

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Proportional Response: Understanding Self-Defense Statutes. How many of our concealed-carry compatriots have force alternatives besides their sidearm? Personally, I carry a Streamlight ProTac HL3 1,100 lumen flashlight (light + impact), folding knife, and compact pepperspray, in addition to my sidearm. – ShepherdFarmerGeek

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