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Comedian Steven Crowder Looks to Debunk ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control in Undercover Video – A humorous look at a serious subject. What is scary is that Crowder constantly reminds you that these are the people voting for the next president. – DSV

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Which Items Will Disappear First During A Major National Emergency? “We can get some clues about which items will disappear first during a major national emergency by taking a look at where such a scenario is already playing out. One recent survey found that over 80 percent of all basic foodstuffs are currently unavailable in Venezuela, and about half the country can no longer provide three meals a day for their families.” – G.S.

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Judges nixed DHS bids to deport illegal immigrants 100,000 times – B.B.

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Jeh Johnson Tells Flooded La., ‘The President Can’t Be Everywhere’; ‘He Has a Very Busy Schedule’ – E.M.

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First Long-term Study Confirms World’s Most Popular Pesticide Is Wiping Bees Off The Planet – W.C.

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