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Claire Wolfe recommended this insightful essay by Vin Suprynowicz:

‘Tolerance’ sounds great. But is there no limit to what we can wisely ‘tolerate’?

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Authorities believe frat boy found eating victim’s face may have been on “zombie” drug. Are you prepared for more of this as society crumbles around you?

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SurvivalBlog Reader RBS wrote in about yesterday’s Top Note: I have heard it said that in the Klondike Rush an egg was worth its weight in gold. One can only imagine that transaction taking place. Here is an interesting side note to history that is rarely if ever ever spoken of in standardized history texts. Opportunity is where you find it. When “things are re-organized” by factors beyond anyone’s control, new opportunities will avail themselves too.

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America to hand off Internet in under two months. They wouldn’t stifle dissent, would they? Nah. No more “badthink/badspeech”! Rainbows and unicorns for all. – C.S.

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Col. Ralph Peters talks legacy after Gitmo: ‘Lincoln freed the slaves, Obama freed the terrorists’ – B.B.

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