Odds ‘n Sods:

Some good predictions on coming crunch times: over at the great Of Two Minds Blog:

Ultimate Long Game: Autarky and Resilience. A key quote: “Those with surplus food will be the ultimate arbiters of value.”

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Bill Weld Just Compared AR-15s to “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” & Said Pistols Were Even Worse!

JWRs Comment: And he is the Libertarian Party’s Vice Presidential pick? It looks like there are NO good choices for the upcoming election. – JWR

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This is how the US military would put down an armed rebellion – J.C.

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College Professor Bans The Term “Melting Pot” For Being Racist (Sorry Schoolhouse Rock) – H.L.

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Like the plague, such measures can and do spread! Four States to Vote on Gun Control Measures in November, including one that would limit the size of magazines.

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