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Some good info for HK rifle fans, over at Commander Zero’s Notes From The Bunker blog: The new PTR-91 rifles

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Like many Mac users, I was fairly complacent about viruses and malware. Traditionally, the vast majority of these were directed at Microsoft OS platforms. But reading some recent headlines prompted me to install two pieces of Mac software: Avast Mac Security and Malwarebytes for Mac. After running some scans, I learned that when I installed a “freeware” song organizer for my iTunes audio files, it also came with a few “free” viruses. Yikes. Be vigilant for virus and malware intrusion, folks. And of course NEVER open a .zip file attachment to an e-mail. – JWR

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In a classic case of PC stupidity, a Seattle judge upheld the ATF’s decision to ban ammo designed for AK-74s. Beyond the ignorance of the judge making the decision, there is also the issue of the BATF making and/or interpreting law rather than just enforcing it. – link sent in by K.T.

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100 million vehicles vulnerable to key cloning – DSV

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Above the law continued: Hillary’s ethics pledge did not apply to her top aides РB.B.

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