Odds ‘n Sods:


Robb Moffett, from Rob’s Homemade Life posted a new video that shows a DIY body camera from an eyeglass pouch and an old Kodak Playsport video camera. Remember, everyone is a reporter now.

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Starving Venezuelans Break Into Zoo to Butcher Animal. This is what Communism does to a country! The zoo has lost 50 animals so far – starved to death. Being food secure in one’s home is critical! Governments can and do turn on its citizens – H.L.

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Obama Shortens Sentences For 56 With Gun Convictions – B.S.

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Germany sees record requests for self-defense weapons – P.S.

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OPSEC – Very Cool Hardware Firewalls to connected with a dedicated VPN server – D.W.

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