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Long-time content contributor B.B. sent us this important link: The Six Things Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About the Islamic State.  The next day,  B.B. also sent a link to this article:  ISIS Jihadists Caught This Week in California and Indiana. These articles serve to  confirm many of my conclusions about geopolitical trends. Reading them also made me feel justified in dedicating myself to writing at least five books in my new  Counter-Caliphate Chronicles novel series.  These are “survival manual dressed as fiction” stories that need to be told, to encourage freedom-loving Christians and Jews to prepare for the tumultuous times that lay ahead. – JWR    

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Reader R.J. recommended the home-made Alvin Vacuum Sealer, for Mason-type jars. It is a simple hand pump that operates without electricity and uses standard FoodSaver Jar Sealer attachments and a commonly-available brake bleeder with gauge. Though more time consuming than using an AC-powered FoodSaver, it makes a great backup system for times without grid power.

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McX sent this: Travel Tips: Where rich people learn how to survive the apocalypse. McX’s comment: “When prepping becomes a ‘vacation plan’ on FOXnews.com’s Travel forum, then you know that you’re behind the times!”

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SurvivalBlog Editor at Large Michael Z. Williamson suggested this useful article: How to Spot Ingenico Self-Checkout Skimmers

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Reader B.B. sent us the link to this NPR news story: Inside A Secret Government Warehouse Prepped For Health Catastrophes

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