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Uncle Sam admits monitoring you for these 377 words:. Excerpt: “Facebook, a.k.a. the US government’s domestic intelligence center, is the primary target for this monitoring… though it’s become clear so many times before that various departments, including the NSA and FBI, are monitoring online activity ranging from search terms to emails.” – You will not believe some of the words that get the Feds to key in on you!

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“Curiouser and Curiouser”: Orlando Killer’s Father Held Meetings At The White House

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Store Owner: Undercover CBS Purchase of AR-15 Broke Federal Law – Excerpt: “The store said they contacted the ATF after viewing the report because they feared the misdirection used by the CBS reporter constituted a straw purchase, which would be a federal crime.” – T.P.

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Minnesota deputy resigns after ‘shooting up’ hunter’s cabin, burning his rifle in woodstove – P.T.

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Inside the grim world of The Jungle: The Caves, sleeping in shifts and eyeball-eating rats (Link may require a login)

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