Odds ‘n Sods:

Officials: Orlando Terrorist Used Sig Sauer MCX Rifle, Not an AR-15.

(But the lefties will surely keep on hatin’ on the AR-15 family of rifles. Not that they understand the difference between a gas tube impingement design and a gas piston. And they hate rifles with wooden stock furniture nearly as much as they do those with black plastic furniture. But of course these are the same folks who still don’t seem to understand the distinction between semi-auto and selective fire rifles. Just sayin’… – JWR)

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NH House Becomes First In US To Pass Bill To Inform Jurors Of Right To Deem Government Unjust – Western States need to follow suit to prevent hostile Federal & State agency thefts of lands, water, and mineral rights. – C.T.

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Muslim attack on flag-waving American family remains mystery. FBI ‘looking into’ possible hate crime but fails to even contact victims – M.R.

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Heroic student tackles and disarms university gunman – From two years ago but totally relevant to Orlando or anywhere else for that matter. – A.S.

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A Nation Adrift – B.B.

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