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Murphy’s Law: What You Ignore Will Kill You – Sent in by S.G.

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Terror watch list takes center stage among gun-control proposals

JWR’s Comment: As I’ve noted before in SurvivalBlog, the Terror Watch List and the No Fly List are both horribly flawed, with tens of thousands of false positives! Contact your congresscritters and tell them NO WAY and to not weasel into some sort of compromise with the liberal Democrats!

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BREAKING. FBI Director Jamey Comey “Confused” About Motives Of Orlando Shooter (VIDEO) – B.B.

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Orlando victims died because they were unarmed, not because they were gay – DSV

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From SurvivalBlog Reader J.H. – Once again the Propaganda Ministers of Hitler are at it again. “In Washington, Obama said of Muslim-Americans: ‘Are we going to start subjecting them to special surveillance? Are we going to discriminate against them because of their faith?’” I might point out that the Obama Administration could be conceived as doing just that. This PDF subjected Christians/Conservatives to special surveillance by law enforcement. But that is not the main point, because what is disheartening in all of this is when Coptic Christians were beheaded in Egypt by radical Islamists there was no word from the Oval Office, but when the GLBTB (gay, lesbian, bestiality, transgender, and bisexual) are up against the same radical Islamists the Oval Office is quick to note “this is an act of hate” and then jumps right into the gun control bandwagon. Folks, the 2nd Amendment is for Americans– people who love this country– and is not on the chopping block from some Liberal in high command who wants to resettle myriad Muslims from Syria to have access to the same 2nd Amendment and abuse it.

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