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At least Two Shot In UCLA “Gun Free Zone” – Let me get this straight. Two people are killed with guns in a “gun free” zone in a nearly “gun free” state. Of course, the responders had guns as well. It appears to me that the only people who didn’t have guns were the victim and potential victims. – DSV

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Another article about Venezuela: ‘We can’t go on like this’: Shortages, economic crisis make Venezuela a nation of lines. We are headed down this same path. How are workers supposed to wait in line for food when they’re at work? Do they take the day off and miss a day’s pay? If they miss work, they’re losing the money they need to buy over-priced necessities. – C.L.

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For the DIYer: Raspberry Pi IR Wi-Fi camera – K.S.

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Police are filing warrants for Android’s vast store of location data – T.Z.

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U.S. Immigration at 15-Year High With 3 Million Arrivals Over the Past Two Years – B.B.

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