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Once again, the duplicity of the Federal Government is exposed: U.S. Has Not Told Panama, Costa Rica to Stop Flying Thousands of Illegal Aliens Close to U.S. Border – Sent in by B.B.

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Prison Time for Illegal Alien Who Crossed River to Rob other Illegal Aliens. Him they’ll prosecute – G.L.

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It’s somewhat simplistic but good information to know: Seven Survival Uses for a Tarp – G.G.

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Professional Educator: Showing Up On Time Is A Form Of White Supremacy. “In Hackman’s telling, virtually everything associated with being a good student in modern education is actually just a tool of racist white supremacy.” – It’s passed time to get your kids out of this system. – T.P.

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Camping Survival has just received their first shipment of bulk T.P. -If you want in on it, now is the time.

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