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James Wesley, Rawles was a recent guest on “The Alex Jones Show”. You can listen to the interview on YouTube. Scroll forward to the 5-minute mark for the beginning of the interview.

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Further evidence of the breakdown of the “Rule of Law” – Cop Goes Nuts When Told “God Bless You”. There is no question that as society breaks down, the job of cops gets harder, but they are held to a higher standard and they are not making it. – T.P.

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Revealed: How Associated Press Cooperated with the Nazis Note: LevinTV also aired an excellent program about this story late last week. Although it’s not surprising, it is deeply troubling with regard to the evil perpetrated against millions during the Holocaust of the past as well as the one that may yet be coming. In the broadcast, Mark Levin asked his viewers never to forget right from wrong and to stand with what is right always and most especially when times are the toughest. – Submitted by T.A.

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Judge sends homeschoolers to ‘fake’ court Now faces accusations of “improper intimidation and retaliation” – Sent in by D.S.

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March Sees Record Gun Sales – The March record is the eleventh straight monthly record for background checks. – Sent in by B.B.

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