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AR owners might find this video of a binary trigger test of interest: FosTech Echo Trigger First Look.

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Police want to use residential, business surveillance cameras – Sounds like an innocent request, but it’s not. First, they politely asked, but you decline. Second, they threaten you with obstruction and start a harassment campaign. Third, they make it law. Fourth, they make it law that they have full remote access. Fifth, I remove my cams. – DMS

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SurvivalBlog reader D.B. sent in this link and just made my day: Video: Obama FURIOUS After Judge Jeanine Calls Him A Terrorist On Live TV

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T.Z. sent in this short word of advice: “Forget guns – ditch the Harley” – 48 More Bikers Indicted in Waco Twin Peaks Shooting – Just For Being There

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Antonius Aquinas has a new article on his blog that is an interesting read: Queen Isabella and the Invasion of Europe

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