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Brace For Higher Gold & Silver Prices As The Markets Crack

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Social Security Benefit Cut Looming for Seniors – Sent in by RBS.

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

1 Out of 3 American Households Can No Longer Afford Rent, Food, and Transportation (My Budget 360) Excerpt: “People are struggling to get by and while the Fed is obsessed with interest rates, most families are seeing the impact of crony capitalism devastating their wallets.”

1 in 4 Americans 25-54 Not Working (The Weekly Standard) Excerpt: They either became so discouraged that they left the labor force entirely, or they are in the labor force but unemployed. This group of non-employed individuals is more than 3.5 million larger than before the recession began in 2007….”

International News

Canadian Housing is Being Propped Up by Just One City (Visual Capitalist) Excerpt: “The cross currents are beyond crazy in Vancouver — it’s a mix of money laundering, speculation, low interest rates,” says Cohodes, who was once profiled as Wall Street’s highest-profile short-seller by the New York Times. “A house is something you live in, but in Vancouver you guys are trading them like the penny stocks on Howe Street.”

Why Greeks are Ditching the Euro for Digital Barter Systems (Market Watch) Excerpt: “When Makis Gounaris, a financial consultant based in Athens, decided to hire Spartan Security Ltd. to protect his apartment in September, he was told to choose from three payment options: cash, credit, or barter. “

Britons Sacrifices Steel Industry to Curry Favour with China (The Telegraph) Excerpt: “Most of Europe’s steel foundries are heading for annihilation under the current EU trade regime, with unthinkable consequences through the network of European and British supply chains. “

We’re about to See a Mind-Blowing Demographics Shift Unprecedented in Human History (Business Insider) Excerpt: “…within a few years, just before 2020, people ages 65 and over will begin to outnumber children under the age of 5….”

Personal Economics and Household Finance

3 Social Media Money Scams to Watch Out For! (Clark Howard) Excerpt: “Elderly people are a target for criminals for a variety of reasons – and with more and more older Americans now using social media, it’s become an easy way for scammers to get access to their information.”

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