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Seattle police raid home of privacy activists who maintain Tor anonymity network node – Either a dangerous slippery slope or Seattle Police are slow on the uptake that Tor is random and anonymous. – RBS.

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CIA leaves explosives on school bus after training exercise – I really find it hard to believe. They don’t have a bus for training and then forget the stuff in a bus used for actual students. – DSV

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Bloomberg Reports: US Commandos Trained to Stop Terrorists with “Dirty Bombs”. Submitted by T.A.

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A GRIM REPORT and REMINDER – ISIL Plotting to Use Drones for Nuclear Attack on the West Excerpt: “The issue of nuclear security and the security of nuclear materials, particularly when it comes to the problems of international terrorism, the concept of terrorists and nuclear materials coming together – which is obviously a very chilling prospect.” Submitted by T.A.

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Here is a story where a mom was arrested for making her children walk to school. The Deputy was quoted saying “Mrs. Palmer was in no position to reach her children safely in the event of an emergency.” She was in the car right in front of the kids! – C.W.

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