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Cutting Through Bls Bull – Sent in by B.B.

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Avoid putting your money in these banks

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

4 Outrageous Examples of Government Waste (Government Waste Fraud and Abuse) Among them, million dollar training retreats. Excerpt: “International Relief and Development collected billions of dollars from the government to help rebuild impoverished and war-torn countries around the world. At the same time, the company also billed over a million dollars to the government for retreats and parties at lavish resorts.”

Judicial Watch: Obama Family 2015 Honolulu Christmas Vacation Cost Taxpayers $3,590,313 in Flight Expenses Alone (Judicial Watch)

Boeing Plans to Cut Up to 8,000 Airplane Jobs – Sources (Reuters) Excerpt: “A reduction of 8,000 jobs, including managers and executives, could save the company $1 billion in labor costs, said Peter Arment, analyst at Sterne Agee CRT. The airplane unit “is targeting ‘billions’ of cost reduction by year-end,” which will help the company remain competitive, he said.”

MetLife wins Case Challenging Its Status as Threat to Financial System (Washington Examiner) Excerpt: “MetLife’s victory means that it will avoid the tougher regulations and higher capital requirements that come with the designation that it is a “systemically important financial institution.”

GE Capital Files Request for Rescission of Status as a Systemically Important Financial Institution (Business Wire) Excerpt: “The filing demonstrates that GE Capital has substantially reduced its risk profile and is significantly less interconnected to the financial system, and therefore does not pose any conceivable threat to U.S. financial stability.”

Economics: It’s Simpler than You Think (Mises) Excerpt: “In the view of John Tamny — an editor at Forbes and RealClearMarkets — economics as it is usually studied and taught in universities is unnecessarily complicated.”

International News

Britons Raid Savings to Fund Spending as Economists Warn Recovery “Built on Sand” (The Telegraph) Excerpt: “

Personal Economics and Household Finance

Protect Your Aging Family from the “Reload” Scam (Clark Howard) Video link.

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