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A remake/spoof of the Simon & Garfunkle classic “The Sounds of Silence” has been posted on YouTube – Except this one is about the atrocities of Islam as they force their political system on you. “Sounds like Silence” – Watch it while you can – It didn’t make it very long on Facebook before being taken down. Warning: Very powerful video, but contains graphic images and some language. Sent in by RBS

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Questioning ‘gay’ lessons gets 4-year-old booted from preschool. Yet another reason to get your kids out of public schools (or liberal preschools). This kind of indoctrination can only lead to family trouble. – D.S.

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Trouble finding the finances to finish off those preps? Or maybe you’re just getting started? Top 10 Prepper Items You Can Find At A Garage Sale – Sent in by H.L.

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HUD Wants to Make Living in a Tiny House or RV Illegal – H.L.

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The US Airforce’s powerful new missile that doesn’t go boom . This weapon will have little effect against militaries with hardened electronics, but it could potentially have significant impact against smaller groups like ISIS…or constitutionalists. – A.S. Note: The article has an auto started video that has nothing to do with the subject other than just being housed in a cruise missile. Just stop the video and read the article.

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