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It’s Bill Whittle time! Reader MtH sent in this link – Firewall: American Fascists.

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Family demands justice after man killed in apparent break-in in Newcastle Excerpt: “…was a gentle giant, a loving father of three, who wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Seriously? Do they have any idea what that hand signal is in the photo they display? Do they care that he was there to steal and cause harm? And of, course, he had just been released from jail in which he was serving time for breaking and entering. What a twisted world we live in. – A.S.

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Mike Rowe Schools Bernie Sanders on ‘Free College for All’… – Sent in by D.B.

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While we are on Louder with Crowder: SHAMELESS: Leftist Media Blames Brussels Terror Attacks…On Brussels Itself?! – D.B.

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Security flaw affecting 1 million proves you need to close your old accounts – Sent in by D.S.

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