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Glider pilot arrested, nearly shot down by DHS, for breaking no laws

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The government continues to bleed critical information, possibly exposing your private information to the wild. Why The IRS’s Technology Nightmare Is Far From Over Sent in by PLC

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Video clears Texas man of assaulting cop—did police commit perjury? Excerpt: “Without the video I would be in prison. There is no doubt about that.” – Sent in by T.P.

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On the flip side of that coin, A young cop in Greenville, South Carolina fell “victim to his own department’s politically correct policy that requires officers to keep their guns holstered, except in the most dire of circumstances”, resulting in his being shot dead with a holstered firearm by a 17 year old punk he was chasing.

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The thin veneer of civilization continues to crumble this election cycle: IT’S ON! Black Lives Matter Leader Issues a Violent Threat to White People if Trump Wins – D.B.

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