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With the onslaught against your constitutional rights and the example of the Malhuer arrests, now might be a good time to seriously consider the “what if”. 10 Things to Know When Facing Criminal Charges

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Bill introduced to go after anonymous “burner phones”. Reader S.P. does contract work with a large mobile carrier and says these prepaid phones are the device of choice for drug dealers, hookers, pimps, and more. It is BIG money for the mobile industry, too. Get some popcorn and watch the lobbying begin. The chains of tyranny grow stronger and more numerous with every passing year.

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Belgian nuclear plant guard is murdered and has his security pass stolen. – Submitted by DSV.

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Reader A.M writes in: Mark Levin had an excellent interview with Dr. Peter V. Pry on Levin TV on March 25th. Dr. Pry is an expert on EMP risk and has a couple book titles out available through Amazon:

Blackout Wars: State Initiatives to Achieve Preparedness Against an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Catastrophe (2015)

Electric Armageddon: Civil-Military Preparedness for an Electromagnetic Pulse Catastrophe (2013)

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North Korea nukes Washington… in its propaganda video, anyway Wishful thinking propaganda from the King of crazy, but they get closer to this capability every year. – DMS

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