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All of the recent talk about the BHO Administration opening up to Castro’s Cuba and doing the Twisted Tango begs a few questions: When do we get our plane hijackers and escaped convicted cop killer Joanne Chesimard back? (There will, of course, be an extradition treaty… Riiight!) And when do we get to see all of those Cuban FAL and AR-10 parts sets arriving on our shores? Or will we only get additional boatloads of impoverished immigrants? – JWR

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Some interesting maps showing net population gains and losses: The U.S. Population Is Swelling in Almost Every State

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Roger Simon’s latest editorial: James Comey and Loretta Lynch Hold the Whole Country in Their Hands

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NASA appears to be planning/assisting with the use of large drones in US airspace. – P.S.

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7 Strange Questions About The Brussels Terror Attacks That The Mainstream Media Is Not Asking – B.B.

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