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Rob Moffet posted a new video on how to make a folding multi-fuel camping stove using an old automobile license plate. It’s a nice DIY project.

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Teacher Killed by Cop in Crosswalk “Assumed Risk” by Crossing Street Excerpt: “NYPD and the city Law Department are fighting a lawsuit filed by the family of a Brooklyn man who was killed in a crosswalk by an on-duty officer, on the grounds that the victim behaved recklessly by crossing the street. … The city’s response to the suit says Coss “knew or should have known in the exercise of due/reasonable care of the risks and dangers incident to engaging in the activity alleged.” Submitted by T.P.

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Those who think that mass surveillance is okay, when you don’t have anything to hide, should read this article sent in by D.S.: Mass surveillance is ‘chilling’ online dissent by encouraging groupthink

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Flashback: U.S. Admits More Muslim Immigrants in 5 Years Than Entire Muslim Population of Belgium. Something to think about as we mourn for those who have suffered in Belgium the last couple of days. – B.B.

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Is that a manshake gone awry? Obama and Castro, the Weird Handshake. As the article states: Forget about the thought that dissidents were arrested moments before President Barack Obama landed in Cuba. Obama pretends that he heralds the freedom of the Cuban people, while in reality he is condemning them to a living hell. – W.C.

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