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SurvivalBlog reader B.B. sent in this TED talk on software that can take an ordinary video and magnify nearly invisible motion and sound. If you don’t have time to watch the entire 12-minute video, at least fast forward to the 10-minute mark and observe them recover usable audio through soundproof glass by merely videotaping an empty potato chip bag. Michael Rubinstein: See invisible motion, hear silent sound

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The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that electric stun guns are Constitutionally protected.

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Reader T.P. sent this in: Nevada Assemblywoman: If You Were at Bundy Ranch and Had a Gun, Nevada Prosecutors are Looking to Arrest You within the Next Few Days. I haven’t yet heard of any of these arrests taking place yet though.

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Why Did The IRS Give The Dept. of Justice Twenty One CD-ROM’s? Illegal information sharing? – J.H.

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It’s time to stock up on ammunition– Personal Liberty – Sent in by D.S. (HJL Adds: …and standard capacity magazines.)

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