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Wondering how to generate a little extra cash to top off your preps? Do you really need those old VHS tapes? 5 eBay hot sellers that are collecting dust in your home right now – B.L.

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Computers are great until they have a “glitch”. Seems that’s what it’s always called when there’s an issue, not that they are broken! Mechanical really is better in the long run, but it seems the whole infrastructure system of everything relies on computers now. Mystery glitch’s return knocks out BART cars, snarls commute – D.S.

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Your Data Footprint Is Affecting Your Life In Ways You Can’t Even Imagine. Big brother really is watching, but it’s more than just big government. It’s big business. – P.S.

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This is the phone NSA suggested Clinton use: A $4,750 Windows CE PDA – T.Z.

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Government database abused! Call the cops! Oh, wait… Confidential Database Use By Cops to Stalk Women is Widespread and Goes Unpunished – D.B.

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