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Citizen journalists are about to take over newsrooms

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Sent in by C.S. – An opisometer, and why you need one: Because over the hills and through the woods to Grandma’s house might not be your usual route, and you might need to know how far it is by the paths you need to take… Got maps?

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SurvivalBlog P.S. sent this article on Fukushima profiled in the NY Times. Tidbits:

  • 40+ years to clean it up
  • 720 tons of water gets pumped through every day to avoid a meltdown
  • 1,000 storage tanks already built, more will continue to be built to store the radioactive water used to avoid a meltdown.
  • 2,000 tons of water released into the ocean every week. It’s supposedly processed to remove most radioactive particles. Who knows…
  • Fishing grounds remain closed.

What will they do with thousands of storage tanks? Bury them? The Hanford facility in Southwest Washington State did that with tanks long ago. Now they are leaking, and there is no plan.

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Guinness World Records has certified 112 year-old holocaust survivor as the world’s oldest living man. – Sent in by D.M.

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Batmobile or ultimate B.O.V.?The Russian security services arsenal has debuted their answer to the Humvee. I think I want one!

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